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Resurrection In A New Creación

Angel of Resurrection
Penna. Railroad WWII Memorial - 
30th Street Station Philadelphia

Become what you are (Pindar)

The Resurrection is no other thing than the re-constitution of our nature in its original form (St.Gregory of Nyssa, On the Soul and the Resurrection) [2]

Assuming that this original form is the non-fallen Divine Soul of Humanity, i.e Daughter of God, body of the Messiah, She dwells beyond the state of innocence enjoyed by First Adam in Eden.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ (Soul of Light and Life), he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17) 

For in him we live, move and have our being (Acts 17:28)

So the re-constitution is an even more perfect state than the Edenic innocence from which the sparks of Humanity´s Soul fell, since the New Creation contains experience and transcendence of death.

The inner side of Genesis 2 implies we exist in a fallen Creation since the day the "living soul" called Adam was put to sleep and split up into a spiritual maculine part (higher mind) and a feminine lower one (emotional mind), which got trapped inside the infamous Serpent, doomed to miss the mark and venture to experience death by eating from the Tree of perfection/completeness (Tob) and incompleteness (Ra). 

The Zohar states Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge before the appointed time. Yet, had he any other option?

For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope (Romans 8:20)

Genesis 1:2, Isaiah 45:18 and other passages strongly suggest this was an outcome of a previous heavenly Fall, and it actually made possible a reconciliation of the old Fallen Creation  by means of Divine Grace in the New Creation. 

The New Humanity  is based on the Way of Light and Love, manifestations of YHWH, the Word, the Name of the Infinite Being.
And such Way is personified as Only Begotten Son, Mashiaj/Christ/Anointed, and the figure of Jesus Christ/Yeshua, whose name means Salvation.

The Divine Essence is also deemed as Head (Colossians 1:19-20) of a cosmic Body, to which our Soul belongs.

Now it only remains to manifest such Body fully, crucifying the ego in matter and resurrecting from this fallen creation, in all those who receive Life.

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ [Life, Light, Love] lives in me (Galatians 2:20)

This is the reason why Christ should never be seen as an external person that resurrects us if we worship  it, but rather as one´s true Self/Essence.

...God willed to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory (Colossians 1: 26-27)

In other words, the remaning Soul sparks of the New Creation await in Light realms, ready to guide their earthly counterparts, allowing fallen creation to be brought back to its unfallen perfection, as the light of spirit shining on water to make it evaporate, sublimate.

These Christic seeds were known as "angelic counterparts" or even "twin flames", as those curious "double flames" that were kindled on the Apostles´heads during Pentecost (Acts 2). 

Without our true Higher Self or Divine Soul, no one would live or be individually saved:

Blessed is the man whose face mirrors the countenance of the Man from above (Zohar)

See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their Angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven (Matthew 18:10).

So the Divine Soul looks not only towards our realm, but contemplates the Spirit of the Father, and without this mediation the higher Light would never reach this physical dimension, since no darkness can exist in the deeper planes.

Hence St.Gregeory went on saying that eventually, after the apokatastasis or reconstitution of all things, there will remain nothing but goodness.

And as prophet Isaiah stated, in the New Earth, the former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind (Isaiah 65:17).

This seems to imply all was reconciled before it took place, and we may be living a sort of Flashforward. More strange, impossible.
[2] Patristic texts:

Friday, April 14, 2017

Passion of Consciousness and Conscience

The passion of genuine inner Christianity is far removed from self-mortifications and images of blood covered versions of Jesus, which that reflect how poorly the Gospel is understood and how much darkness affects orphans carnal minds.

True passion is related to the "gnawing of Conscience", clearly
reflected on what Yeshua/Jesus says during his prayer at Gethsemane:

My Father, if you can not pass this cup without me drinking it, your will be done (Luke 22:42)

The apostles were well aware of the importance of this state, which should not be confused with grief, indignation or affliction, but with the ability to carry the pain of the world on the back:

My conscience bears me witness in the Holy Spirit, that I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart. For I could wish that I myself were accursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers... (Romans 9: 2-3 ESV).

Conscience can be seen as a function of the deeper Soul/Self, a harmony of peaceful Heart and divine Reason, the only action  that can tell us what we must be and do in each moment:

When Gentiles who have not the law do by nature what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law.  They show that what the law requires is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness and their conflicting thoughts accuse or perhaps excuse them (Romans 2:14).

Conscience also kindles the fire that purifies the lower personal soul or nephesh, which can only be saved if its darkness, inherited from the Fall, is completely fertilized and recycled, suffering an ego death, like a catterpillar.

This transformative process occurs only insofar as the "consciousness" or non-reactive view of our perceptions, imperfections, thoughts, and states of mind increase.

In this way consciousness works on the level of personality and creates the conditions for Conscience to emerge from our subconscious essence, facilitating forgiveness to face the negativity of others or repentance for offending others (relatives, friends...), as well as equanimity in the face of difficult challenges that require all of our courage and excellence –virtues that cannot come from the personality.

To those who are victorious [after the inner Armageddon] I will give them to eat from the Tree of Life (Revelation 2: 7)

But this conscience cannot expand unless one is aware of what is really happening and what is our role in reality.

The act of pure Conscience includes the salvific action of divine Grace:

Baptism, which corresponds to this, now saves you, not as a removal of dirt from the body but as an appeal to God for a good conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 3:21 ESV)

Good conscience implies feeling fully grateful for being alive and having the opportunity to participate in the Divine Plan of the Higher Soul, whose mission is to mediate, bringing the Spirit to Matter, the Waters below.

Gratitude also involves recognizing and receiving the profound Teachings that were bequeathed to us by the Nazarene Essenes, in spite of being attacked by the anti-Christ spirit of the official religion.

Conscience is the key to emotional healing, the repair (tikun) of the virtues whose rupture caused the Fall of Adam (Soul of Humanity):

With conscience (da'at) the chambers are filled with all precious and desirable goods (Proverbs 24: 4)

These chambers or jederym are none other than the virtues or midot of the Heart, since the Hebrew word Jeder (JDR) is the cabalistic acronym for Mercy/Jesed, Justice/Din, Compassion/Rajamim.

The relation of our mind to these three emotional virtues is known as the lower Conscience (Da'at Tachton), which leads to the higher
Conscience (Da'at Elyon), where Understanding and Wisdom unite in the Ineffable level of Will or Supreme Love.

Thus, we must recognize that Conscience depends on the divine Spirit that dwells in the Soul seed/spark given to those who connect with the Heart and are begotten from above:

You have received the spirit of adoption, by which we cry: Abba, Father! The Spirit himself bears witness to our spirit, that we are children of God (Romans 8: 15-16)

One can only be said and become the Son of God who possesses Conscience –G.I.Gurdjieff, All and Everything, First Series.

Conscience is therefore the fruit of a correct attitude and vision. Of what benefit would be to live if our mind is not alert enough to perceive the subtle details of life that can awaken this deeper "Conscience", connecting us to the requirements of our Divine Soul, which bears the will of the Supreme Father?

Asking for clarity is always legitimate, but it is up to us to cultivate the mental attention that gives us the true "common sense", where Life takes on its full meaning.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Who wants to keep being a donkey?


 An ox knows its owner, and a donkey its master´s manger. But Israel does not know, my people do not understand [has no Da´at, understanding conscience] (Isaiah 1:3).

Certainly, it´s been a long time since national Israel was repudiated after flirting with idolatrous beliefs, failing to unite intuitive Wisdom (Jokma) with the Understanding (Binah) of the details. And this tragedy is basically the same that destroyed a superficial Christianity, even in some of its Judaic perspectives, which still interpret Scripture only in a historic-carnal way, bypassing the allegoric view of the Soul, which must be born in the lower kigdoms of the body (mineral, vegetable and animal) and overcome their influence. A Way represented by the episodes of Yeshua/Jesus.

Thus, in ancient symbolism, the ox and donkey refer to "physical inertia" and "selfish stubborness", negative cosmic forces –astral energies that work through the physical body, keeping humans immersed into a state of ignorance, and therefore idolatry towards lower passions, being pride, gluttony and lust of the senses the main ones.

Thou shall not plow with an ox and a donkey together (Deuteronomy 22:10)

These negative forces seem thrown against those who can wake up or those who already have engendered a spiritual Soul, being Sons of God  by right and not by  the adoption of faith which is offered in Romans 8:15, which is just a first step.

It was always said that the Messiah/Christ/Anointed One –which represents the mature Soul would come riding a donkey, which in Egyptian mythology is the evil god Seth that kills and dismembers Osiris, a fallen god, as Prometheus, figures which are mistakenly associated with the judeochristian Messiah, when in reality those are still as fallen as first Adam. Not even Horus, which avenges his father´s death, is able to get rid of Seth every year. And this is because those myths lack pieces of the mysteric puzzle.

It is then time to explain some mysteries that will help us understand the thread of this Pesaj/Holy Week 2017.

Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem! Lo, your king comes to you; triumphant and victorious is he, humble and riding on an ass, on a colt the foal of an ass (Zechariah 9:9 RSV) 

The Gospel writers clearly had in mind this passage when they draw the picture of Jesus the Christ/ Yeshua ha Mashiaj on a donkey (John 12:13/Matthew 21:5).

And they knew the Master was way ahead from the arts of Baalam, the sorcerer of evil tongue who hit his donkey (body), when an Angel of God made it devite from the road, teaching him a lesson, since taming Nature is not a question of brute force (see Numbers 22:21-39).

The Zohar reveals that the King refers to the Solar Mind that illumines the emotional Moon of the heart.

So it should not be surprising that Jesus Christ enters Yirushalaim, which symbolizes the City of Peace (Shalom)–even though in physical reality it is not.

The Full Moon in the Heart is therefore the true "engendering" of the Messiah within each sincere heart, the prelude of his ulterior "birth", hinted at 2 Peter 2:19.

The Zohar goes further to point that the white donkey refers to the transformation of negative energy called Lilith, the demoness associated to the Serpent and who in Hebrew myths makes humans lose their "vital seed", whether by means of sexual misconduct or emotional agitation.

The non-transformed Serpent is the "desire to receive without measure", which must be turned into the "desire to receive in order to share", overcoming thus all egoism. He who lets himself be instructed, understands and shares, carrying out an act of conscious love for others.

So in the Gospel passage we have a Messiah that has transmutted his pasional energies, being able to dwell in the Peace of the Heart.

And that is not achived through self-mortifications, as it is suggested by carnal mentalities. Go raise above the astral energies only requires Knowledge and Understanding of what we are and must be, letting Divine Soul Conscience be actualized in oneself, leading us out of Egypt, the ego´s bondage, which is precisely the theme of the Holy Week.

More details soon.  

[1] On Psychological Warfare: 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Shining on Shadows

It´s not very often recognized the fact everyone´s ego-personality likes hiding from the own shadows, everything "it" hates about him/herself.

Peter Pan didn´t like it either, and spent much of his life living a phantasy, playing with rascals that did not want to grow and get down from the clouds.

To participate in Peter Pan´s syndrome is to be possessed by Pan, the god of those naturally selfish instincts that feed the ego-personality at the expense of the essential thread of Conscience, which is given by the true spiritual Soul or individual Christ/Mashiaj, which must be fully born in our lives–sooner or later, since it´s not enough to remain spiritual embryos and die without becoming living Sons:

unless you are born from Water and Spirit you cannot enter the Kingdom of God (John 3:5)

we have the prophetic word, more fully confirmed to which you will do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining on a dark place, until the day dawns  and the Morning Star rises in your hearts (2 Peter 1:19) 

The Christic Soul is the point of connection with the Infinite Creator and needs to "discover itself" fully in this world of shadows. Is there a better place for that?

Thus the non-recognition of the shadow is basically a run away from the spiritual Soul–which is just an embryo in case one recieved it, and this distance is actually the cause of all anxieties and insecurities.

Curiously, in order to avoid being unmasked and to avoid serving that spiritual Soul, the ego-personality makes up all sorts of camuflages or masks that feed the "false personality".

And nobody escapes its dark influence, not even those supposedly instructed by science, religion and spirituality in general.

One of the great pastimes is what we could call "pretension of sanctity and perfection". The ego-personality feels attracted by everything that feeds it, even by the idea of following rules in order to get enlightened or reach a Celestial Kingdom or make a "better world". Moved by its rigid mindset, it thinks: "if I praise the deity X, bowing before him/her, following his/her commands, I will gain his/her favor and promises"; "if I belog to this or that spiritual organization, I shall get salvation or realization"; "if I follow the principles of science, I´ll be objective and will find the truth", etc, etc.

And the truth is simply that the Ego enjoys the Yoyo (Yo is I, Ego in Spanish). 

For a non domesticated Ego there can only be Yo, yo, and then more yo, yo, yo...I don´t like that; I like this; I love this, I hate that; it´s not my fault, it´s yours; I pray; I meditate; I get enlightened; I´m miserable; I´m a sinner...

And thanks to the Yoyo, cause and effect, all the Ego spits into the world comes back to him/her.

As Jung pointed:

Every unconscious content that is not made conscious, happens outside as Fate...what you resists, persists...what you fear, appears.

The Ego-personality and its experiences are simply a mere shadow, but also an instrument that the Soul uses so that her Light can be revealed. Without the manifestation of darkness, Light would also remain undisclosed, hidden.

It is true that the Ego can be illumined, integrated and then put under the command of the Sacred Individuality of the Soul, as shown by Yeshua, Moshe, Krishna, Sidharta the Buddha  and other members of the Body of the Universal Christ/Mashiaj.

Yet, we don´t come to create personal perfection, since the christic Soul is already a perfect atom of the Universal Soul

Aware of this, the Master said:

Why do you call me good? Nobody is good, but only One, G-d (Mark 10:18) 

 Jesus Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiaj had probably the biggest Ego-Personality of all time, to the point he was taken to the top of a mountain and tempted by that same Evil Ego, who offered him power over all the nations (Matthew 4:8). However, he had it under the command of the Soul, which is filled with the Holy Spirit of the Creator and therefore has no egotistic pretensions.

The Holy Spirit is the comforting presence of the Creator, and manifests as a Loving Intelligece which does not make distinctions between you and me, nor makes judgemente on the good and the bad, since it is like the Sun, shining even on rubbish, dissolving it –something which might be perceived as judgement.

However, being also Conscience, the Holy Spirit feels pain everytime something dark is perceived, and it might even retreat fully from the person if the fault is too big.

And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with which you were sealed for the day of redemption (Ephesians 4:30)

Such Holy Spirit is really what makes us Sons of the Creator. However, we´re still "adopted children" and not Sons of God in its own right, since the Soul is not fully born (Romans 8:14-23)

Even though the Ego does not understand, each Soul is part of the Body of the Universal Son, the Christ/Mashiaj, whose first and most complete incarnation was the reknown Nazarene Master

Now, only when the Soul flourishes fully in each life, each one will be able to see how the task of Christ/Mashiaj is completed.

For that the Soul feels compelled to connect herself to several lives, since our egos are a bit "retarded" and resist to the point of despair. We are too immersed in the drunkeness of our shadows and rarely let the spiritual Soul take the reins.

And in part this is due to the false beliefs and doctrines on the original sin, which generate feelings of fear, guilt and victimism.

Curiosuly, the terms usually translated as "sin" (jet in Hebrew and hamartia in Greek), do not have judging connotations, since these mean "to oppose the Law of Life" and "to miss the mark", as when someone throws the dart out of the target and stings someone´s ass. And is that bad? Well, the ass feels perhaps a badly pain, just as the shitty Ego that is not in service and under command of the Soul.

In reality, Humanity is simply learning how not to follow the path of unnecessary suffering, which is the path of the moron who insists on resisting the Laws of Life– it´s actually the one most of us choose, as if we only learned by being hit like donkeys.

But as it was said:

where failure increased, Grace abounded all the more (Romans 5:20)

My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Shadows are to be embraced and transformed with the Love infused into the Soul by the Creator.

Therefore it is necessary to see that each one of the shadows that make the Ego-Personality hide a divine virtue: where a coward is, there is a latent capacity to endure any situation; where a proud man is, there exist the possibility to empty oneself like the Creator does in concealment; where someone insults or criticizes us, there is a space to listen and feel the emotional fire without reacting, with acceptace and self-acceptance, since all we do, comes back to us.

We can´t love or tolerate others if we don´t accept ourselves first from the Soul, which is filled with the Grace and Perfection gifted by the Common Creator.

Through her, the Creator suffers, endures and transforms our miseries. And so humbly, that He does not even wear a name, and just gives it to his Son, to whom our Souls belong.

So,  are we –adopted– children of the Creator or not? If we are, then it´s meaningless to keep complaining like kids about others –Donald Trump included–, of blaiming devils,  or waitinig for some divine Savior or scientific superhero; taking responsibility for one´s life means to understand our place in the cosmos and our shadows so these can be used consciously and turned into good  fertilizer for Celestial Gardens. Let´s be the cause of our life and not the effect.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Yes to Life

Famous is this statement of the Master, the Head of Adam:

Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves, take up their cross and follow me (Matthew 16:24)

However, the Greek text rather implies:

If someone wants to be part of me, let him/her refuse identifying with his old self-personality, put it on a cross, and follow me, I´ll take it.

When one observes the inner world from a space of humble and compasive acceptance, something crashes with the expression "deny", since it generates "psychological tension". We can´t deny our old nature, which is a damn lizard, always looking for the comfort zone, denying all "it" does not like. 

And since the role of denying is that of Satan, the Teaching hints at "affirming", for being "reconciled" in the Lord:

For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, whom we proclaim among you, Silvanus and Timothy, and I, was not "Yes" and "No", but in him it is always been "Yes". For all the promises of God find their Yes in him (2 Corinthians 1:20 ESV)

The very same name of the Eternal One, YAH, sounds exactly like the english and german affirmations: Yah, Ja.

And the Hebrew name of Jesus, Yeshua, starts with a big Yes to Life.

Therefore, we´re not asked to deny something which is there, be it: pain, fear, anxiety, hunger, hate...

These are inherent to existence, and can even be used as an aid for liberation. 

One must simply find the way to allow the Soul to carry them as a "cross", the "cross of the Ego" that helps us resurrect, knowing our weaknesses, and therefore our strong virtues, which are a gift:

My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:8 ESV)

And this new recognition is made from a new nature, which is the inner Christ/Messiah, full of discernment, capacity to stand the pain, compassion, love for others, trust in the Common Father.

Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices and have put on the New Self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator (Colossians 3:9 ESV)

As for the starting phrase, in case someone is interested, the Greek text uses the verb "aparneomai", which can be translated as "deny" or "refuse", pero according to the New Standard American New Testament Greek Lexicon (NAS), it has to meanings:

a) To affirm one has no connection o relation with something/someone.

b) To forget the own self-interests.

Therefore, the statement of Jesus Christ invites to "detachment", using the sword of "discernment", which separates the "old nature of the Serpent" from the "divine nature" of out Real Self.

The task is then to let the "ego" die little by little:

So you must also consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus (Romans 6:11 ESV)

As the Sufies say: die before you die so you never die.

Without the death of the ego, there is no resurrection in Life.

Hence the symbol of the Crucifixion and the serpent on the braze pole that Moses raised in the desert (Numbers).

Mount Nebo. Work by Giovanni

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Endurance by Resting is Liberation

This 11th day is a perfect time to ponder about inner confrontations and liberation, since 11 expresses the power to find truth, force and inspiration inside, from the Soul Self that encompasses and frees the lower personal ego.

Tertön Sogyal, the Tibetan mystic, said that he was not really impressed by someone who could turn the floor into the ceiling or fire into water. A real miracle, he said, was if someone could liberte one negative emotion. (Sogyal Rimpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, p.124).

Don´t say "I will avenge this evil". Wait on the Eternal Being and He will save you (Proverbs 20:22).

The miracle of liberation comes only when we cease to fight fiercely against what bothers or hurts; letting go of the attachment to negative thoughts, self-deprecation, fears, insecurities, resentments, dualistic views that see evil all over...

Of course, this becomes far easier by becoming familiar with contemplative meditation, also known as centering prayer...

In it one does not run away from distress nor tries to push away negative thoughts, but simply observes them and uses them as an opportunity to stop holding distractions, returning over and over to the loving heart, resting on the cloud of unknowing, the silent, infinite, inclusive and serene space of the Soul, the Christ-Buddhic Mind, the true wise Master, our inner savior, which is a spark of the Eternal One. 

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light (Matthew 11:30 ESV).

Desist and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10 Jewish Bible)

Cast out the [inner] scorner and contention shall go out; yea, strife and reproach shall cease (Proverbs 20:22 KJB).

But I tell you, do not set yourself against the one who is evil. But whoever strikes you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also (Matthew 5:39 NHEB)

These words of the Christ have always been misunderstood, since it does not mean to let anyone tread on us. It rather points to an aspect of inner work: the non manifestation of negative emotions or violent reactions before tortuous situations (ponêrô).

me antistênai is sometimes translated as do not resist, but always in the sense of not turning oneself against something, indicated by the prefix -anti.

And the only way to accomplish that is by developing the capacity to endure the inner fire, but without generating repression, liberating the load in the humble space of the heart. This alchemy fire cooks our ego, turning it into light.

Curiously, sometimes the term antistênai is used to expressed this "humble resistance", as in the passage of Jacob:

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you (James/Jacob 4:7 ESV).

In other occasions, we find the term to express a strong confrontation, as when God plays the role of Satan, Adversary, turning pride and violence against themselves:

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble (1 Peter 5:5 ESV)

Therefore, let go of grasping negativity and endure by resting on liberation.