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Liberation in the Matrix & Alchemical Christic Cross

In the previous episode we already saw some principles of transformation and today it is time to see a very important question that is hardly addressed because most of the spiritual teachings are inverted or incomplete. The misinterpretation of the spiritual way and divine Selfhood is very common, so we need true discernment.

Let´s begin by pointing out that there are four main paths of spirituality:

The Path of Heroes and Shamans

We may call the first path of heroes, which includes shamanism. We find their characteristics in the famous journeys of the mythological heroes, which travel to the underworld, where they fight with all kinds of monsters using enormous force and cunning of intellect, undergoing severe physical tests, etc. In Greece we have figures like Hercules and his 12 works, which symbolize the 12 astrological psychotypes. In Judeo-Christianity the famous is perhaps Samson, who after killing the lion of his passions, fell into the hands of Dalyla, the Darkness that left him blind. Then he destroyed the temple (of the body) throwing the pillars of duality where he was tied, but he ended up dying like the rest of heroes.

This makes us see that despite all the strength, cunning and spiritual powers, the world of illusion catches anyone whose ego is still too elevated.

This does not mean we should not endure hardship. Israel is precisely the title given to those who conquer the negative astral radiations which are constantly bombarding us, causing dark thoughts and emotions.

Devotional Path

Then we have the typical path of loving devotion, typical of external religion. There many try to follow rules and rituals stipulated by what is called Lord God, which requires obedience, worship and submission.

Unfortunately, in this second way the faithful ones usually ignore how to transform negativity inside and become robotic sheep ready for the slaughter, without questioning what is illogical. Very few come to understand that Primordial Love cannot have to do with a Lord God, a Babylonian idea that meansowner of someone inferior. Divine Love elevates everyone to the expressions of Holy Oneness.

The Holy Being does not give commandments or rituals either. Even Paul of Tarsus assured in his letters that commandments was the ministry of the Angels. And of course, the Angels claim to work for the Holy One, but there are two sides and are subject to mistakes, as humans.

Furthermore, we see that religions come from fallen Adamic lords who tried to make the human correct the fall into the physical world, with chaotic consequences. So the second path is duality and conflict.

However, within the scope of religion, mystics like Meister Eckart or Rumi arose, breaking their mental chains by means of true devotional Love, abandoning scriptures and the idea of a separated God Lord, showing devotion towards the Limitless Being who lives in everything and everyone. This shows how even Love transforms religion.

Path of the divine intellect

Thirdly, we have a path of investigation and self-inquiry, with several variants. Some speak of Gnosis, in India some speak of Royal/Radja Yoga, which cultivates the divine mind through the eight steps of Yoga that lead to meditation and nirvana.

Very interesting is Gnana Yoga, based on Advaita Vedanta, Knowledge of Non-Duality, or Aduality. It has different variants and approaches but the most famous are those of Shankara, Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta.

The fundamental idea on that path is to ponder constantly on the question: who am I? And the one who perceives the root of his ego, can see that it is the knot from which all the phenomenal illusion arises. And once the egoic I am egoic is perceived, one can release it into the boundless ocean of Sat (Being), Chit (Consciousness) and Ananda (Bliss). In traditional terms some express it as going from Ahamkara (egoic contraction), to the Atman (inner divine soul), which dissolves into Brahma (Great Creative Mind), which dissolves into Brahman (Absolute) and finally dissolves into Para-Brahman, the ungraspable.

In this way, the Sat Guru or Universal Master Being is sought and revealed, leading to the dissolution of all illusion and cessation of all reincarnation, which is part of the illusion.

Ramana Maharshi is said to have become enlightened as a young man and only remained alive as a Liberated Soul (Jivanmukta), letting the remaining karma go, just like the potter wheel that spins by inertia. And we can see in Ramana a man who retired to his mountain and stopped taking care of his body. People would visit him and he would sometimes remain long periods of silence, absorbed.

Now, is this self-annihilation really enlightenment?

This misses many traps, because not by dissolving all are we going to free ourselves. There are souls who can be recycled by dissolving their garments in a certain light and given their lack of understanding, they are forced to return. Hence the revolving tunnel of light that many see, meeting family members, Buddha, Jesus himself or angels, who await to assure that the soul returns to earth.

Another approach to the path of the mind is the Greek Gnosis, which leaves out many elements and relies too much on syncretism.

Another mental approach is Kabalah in its various forms. Its essence is meditation on the structure of reality, the existential verb (Yhwh), understanding the vibrations that are expressed in Hebrew letters, the DNA of Creation. However, even Hebrew Wisdom has been mixed with the science of this world.

Since ancient times there has been talk on how divine Light came to be trapped into a dense material universe, and this was expressed in the language of Nature, as we see in numerous teachings, including the Hebrew Alphabet and Astrology.

Jewish Kabbalah speaks of the science of oneness expressed in the Sefer Yetzirah, attributed to Abraham. An it Basically it tells how this physical world was formed, whose codes are 12 astrological signs associated with 12 single letters, 7 planets associated with 7 double letters, three mother letters (Mem, Shin, Alef), and four stages marked by Yhwh. All these structures hide the Almah or Maiden of Divine Reality, which remains as an exiled Shekinah and must return to clothe the Blessed One.

From there numerous traditions of knowledge drank, although everything remained hidden.

Great Kabbalists expanded this vision and clarified many secrets encoded in the Torah and Sefer Yetzirah. Rabbi Shimon bar Yojai transmitted the Zohar and Isaac Luria clarified the issues concerning the fall of the Elohim, First Adam, and reincarnation, in the context of the Universal Messiah.

It was Luria who explained how the mind souls (neshemot), who belonged to the first Adamic beings, got trapped in reincarnations, gilgulim ha neshemot, and must return by means of a repair or tikun, either in the form of nefesh/vital soul, in other physical bodies, or by returning through Ibur, within other souls, when they are more advanced.

In spite of this clarifications, Kabbalistic work is eminently intellectual, and in general it implies rituals and meditations with religious overtones that block the reality primordial Life expresses.

Way of Integrated Life Soul

When Messiah Yshua came, he demonstrated  very different walk of life and spoke of canceling all tikun or need for repair and reincarnation, through the integration into the Universal Soul or Primordial Adam, the Humanity that has never fallen. It was called Yahoshua in Hebrew because it means Salvation through the armonized Existential Verb, as well as Emanuel, divine Force in us.

But the Master taught that new wine cannot be put into old wineskins.

Liberation is not by means of complete dissolution, nor the study of the written or codified Torah, nor any other sacred book, because everything is leavened with  lies. He himself said to the Pharisees: is it not written in “your” Torah ...?

Yet he did not come to cancel it, but to manifest the inner Torah of Light.

Be gentle as doves and cunning like serpents.

So we must separate the chaff from the wheat and access the living Truth, which is the Reality of Being that grows within us, across all of our experiences.

Of course, that involves knowing how the world and its deceptions are structured, starting with the perception of ourselves, the world, and others. Let's see it in a summarized way.

The Self-transcendent I Amness

It is not entirely exact to say that everything is an illusion, as Non-Dualistic currents hold. The world is a mixture of Truth and Lies. The illusion has degrees and a lot of success, by the way. If it were all a lie, no one would believe it.

It was once written: You will not take the name Yhwh (Existential Word) in vain (Exodus 20).

And almost nobody understood that he was referring to the use we make of the perception of Being. The existential verb makes real everything it touches.

Hence the sentence: I am Yhwh, and no one else creates light or forms darkness (Isaiah 45: 6-7).

So if we feel “I was mistreated”, and “I am a victim”, we do that to ourselves.

The cosmic Ego is a Quantum Double that encompasses past, present and future, giving us false personalities, subject to victimization and death. That is why it is necessary to be Nothing first, so we can taste everything at once.

In Hebrew I am or I is called Any, but in reverse it is Ayn, Nobody, Nothing that we can define with words.

And its radiance would be the Primordial Adam, to whose Soul we really belong as new neshemot souls (neshemot).

So the true Self is not a Subject versus Objects, but  two poles united: the subject becomes an object, the observer is the observed. The Great I Am feels itself and perceives others as expressions of Love, Life and Serene Conscience.

This keeps us from falling into the illusion of pseudo-mystical monism saying that we are all One because everything is matter and matter is energy.

In reality matter and energy are only a qualities of the luminous glow of the Blessed Being, which expresses itself as Cosmic Humanity of Light and dwells in the infinite Space of Light, the Ether.

Now who got out of the Primordial Adam? And how are we released?

Creation of the Adamic Matrix

The Space of infinite Light received various names. In Greece the sages called it Aither, while in India it is the Akasha. Its existence is already posed in Quantum Physics, although still in diapers, they speak of fantasies, such as the God Particle, Boson of Higgs.

Some scientists even speak of five states of matter: solid, aqueous-gelatinous (intracellular), liquid, gaseous and plasma. And although they are getting closer to Ancient Science, they still have a way to go.

The Ether always was and will be the invisible substantial Space that permeates everything and where the Loving Infinite Light that comes from the Primordial Origin impacts. Thus a Kosmos with luminous Life forms where the perceptual Consciousness of Life grows, leading to serene blissful Conscience.

However, just as Solomon himself said in Proverbs 8 and 9, Wisdom, Sophia, was with the Existential Word (Yhwh) at the Origin, and Wisdom built up her house, carved its seven columns, killed her victim, tempered her wine and set her table (Proverbs 9).

This was how everything began to thicken and Serpentine Beings of twisted Wisdom took advantage of the movement of Love, turning it into Eros. The false Yhwh was thus born, an existential verb that not only generates forms but constrains, because forms generate a Matrix where Life loses itself and disconnects.

This is how Heaven and Earth became chaotic and desolate (Genesis 1: 2).

We can say that this was the breaking of the vessels or shevirat ha kelim of which Isaac Luria spoke.

And Elohim separated light from darkness.

The divine forces began to divide into Light and Darkness, generating dimensional planes, stars, cycles of time and diverse species, as described in Genesis 1.

And the Elohim or Architects, wanting to rectify the chaos said: let us make Adam (humanity) in our image according to our likeness, and be taught about the beings of water, of the air, creatures of earth and reptilian beings. And Elohim created Adam in his own image, the image of God created he him, male and female (Genesis 1:26)

Few understand this was not referring to the humanity and animals we see in our dimension, but to alien creatures from various dimensional planes, especially the lower three, Beriah (World of Creation), Yetzirah (World of Formation) and Assiyah (World of Action): Adam gave name to all beast, beings of the air and creature of the field, but Adam did not find suitable help (Genesis 2:18)

Divine Consciousness could not marry alien creatures fully, but of course these became more intelligent animals, after receiving divine intelligence.

But in primordial Reality there is no similarity because there are no shadows, therefore the attempt to make a humanity by uniting Light and Darkness was an experiment of a Demiurge God, destined for failure. Even the Elohim did not know what would come: And Yhwh Elohim created creatures ... to see how the Adam (vital soul) would call/impregnate them.

This is how a new type of Adam emerged, divided into man and woman, Adam and Jawah / Eva, mind of light and bodies of light, who mixed with reptilian souls of the previous fallen creation. They ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

This was expressed in Alchemy as Immortal Light trapped in the material Adam, made of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

In the teaching of Empedocles it was Eros or selfish Love what brings together the four elements, Earth, Water, Air and Fire, trapping Aither, the substance of the immortal Soul, which is forced to reincarnate and transmigrate in different creatures until it is released by the disintegration  of chains, to return to the Sphiros, the Original Sphere of Light.

And most authors misinterpreted Neikos as mere Hate, seeing the generation of Eros as positive, when it is the opposite according to Empedocles, heir of Pythagoras.

Empedocles spoke of planting the divine word in the space of consciousness, so that the Tree of Life can grow. A teaching that the Master would later expand and demonstrate.

He himself said I am the Light of the Kosmos (John 8:12) and you are the Light of the Kosmos (Mato 5:23).

Not I am the Light of the World and you are mere sinners, as pseudo-Christianity defends.

It was also said I am the Alpha and the Omega, which in Hebrew would be the Aleph and the Tav, first and last letter of the Alphabet. Why?

Aleph represents the Spirit that was trapped or crucified in the four elements, the Cross of dense matter, which in Paleo-Hebrew and other picto-symbolic languages was represented as a Cross.

In Egypt the Krst was the embodiment of Light in the brain.

And interestingly, the last four letters of the Alphabets are QRST, which comes from Quf, Resh, Shin, and Tav.
Hence the word Christos, anointed with light in Greek.

But that does not imply illumination, because there are fallen christs, such as the pharaohs, the heroes, the anointed cherub, the fallen Adamic messiahs, star seeds ...

However, we can see the entire Alphabet as levels of understanding that must be integrated so as not to get caught and dissolve the tensions that form the Cosmic Ego or Experience of Great Darkness.

For example, the three mother letters: alef is the spirit that results from uniting water, symbolized by mem and fire, letter shin. Applying the fire of conscience we sublimate the existential waters.

And awakening implies remembering the Father's house, Beyt, walking humbly, releasing the burden of the ego, symbolized by the letter Gimel and the camel. Consciously contemplating that we are Light and not dense material forms. That would be the letter Hey, who in Paleo-Hebrew was like an alert being:

That connects  earth and heaven in us as the Vav does. And we need the ax of discernment, the letter Zain, leaping walls and waxes, letter Jet, etc.

To dissolve tensions is to transcend false creations. Krst itself derives from Krrrrr, energy crystallizing, or put another way, Creation.

And this physical creation was not to liberate but to subject the Light to torment. And so it was taught by the prophets: as a lamb he was taken to the slaughterhouse ... Yhwh wanted to break him with suffering (Isaiah 53)

We can deduce that here Yhwh means the constrictive action and fallen entities that give rise to dense matter. It is the realm of the star and planetary radiation.

We see this in the 7 simple letters, which are linked to the 7 planets, and 12 Hebrew simple letters, which correspond to the 12 zodiacal houses: Hei goes with Aries, Vav with Taurus, Zain with Gemini, Jet with Cancer, Tet with Leo, Yud with Virgo, etc.

The wheel of signs or mashalim and the Alef-Bet represents the stages of incarnation of the Light or Shekinah of the Primordial Man or Adam Kadmon, whose liberation involves going beyond the constrictor Ouroboros Serpent of Cause and Effect, which governs reincarnation.

Yhwh persecutes the wickedness of the parents over the children until the third and fourth generation (Deuternomio 5)

This not only refers to the family generation, the so-called trans-generational sin, but Kabalah itself associates it with the Ibur or return of more advanced souls. Reincarnation from generation to generation concerns the Nefesh, while Ibur occurs when a spirit (ruach, pneuma) enters a new emotional Soul or ruach to further evolve or serve as a guiding spirit, like the famous spirit of Elijah.

Liberation in the New Adam

When we understand the path outlined by the ancients, including the prophets, we can still glimpse the path of struggle proposed by the heroes.

Elijah himself exercised power against the priests of Baal, and fled so as not to fall into the hands of Jezebel. He even left his body at will, supposedly.

Elijah did not die; he was taken up into heaven in a whirlwind while riding in a chariot of fire (2 Kings 2:11)

This was referring to a light merkaba. And since then he became what Kabbalists call Sandalphon, guardian of incarnated souls, along with Metatron, who are Enoch-type souls.

So Elijah represents an additional type of soul that Ibur comes to help.

Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet, before the day of Yhwh great and terrible comes (Malachi 4: 5)

The Master hand in mind that prophecy when saying:

And if you want to accept my word, John (the Baptist) is the Elijah who was to come (Matthew 11: 7-14)

because he (John the Baptist) came in the "spirit and power of Elijah" (Luke 1:17)

However, even with the Spirit of Elijah, John the Baptist had his head cut off. It was an incomplete paradigm.

Who have you seen in the desert, a reed? asked the Master in reference to the John, who was a rather broken dry trunk.

The Master did not suggested a path of effort, opposition and rigidity, but one of reeds that bend with the wind.

Yet, in the transfiguration Elijah and Moses appear at his side, because the Soul of the Messiah integrates and transfigures the previous soul robes: the vital Nefesh of fallen Adam, the emotional Ruach of Moses and the mental Neshemah of Elijah.

That is a state that had already been achieved by Enoch in previous times, without so much obstruction:

Enoch walked with Elohim, and disappeared, because Elohim took him (Genesis 5:24)

It means that he walked with the true Self and transcended the Matrix of Illusion, meeting the family o light. That is why it is called Metatron, beyond the Throne of the Ego we can say

Yet Master Yshua went one step further, crossing the darkness in a body of the fallen Adam Enosh. Thus he became a model of the Last and New Adam:

The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam, a life-giving spirit (1 Corinthians 15:45)

The New Adam is the Soul that reveals the Primal Father Adam, the vehicle of the Infinite Being.

Father keep them in your Name (Personality), which I have manifested to them, so that they may be one like you and I are one (John 17:11)

And this is abiding in the Great I Am, which becomes you and us, because it grows everywhere.

So everything is not just an illusion of an impersonal Self, as many say, nor we are just a creator God. We are the Self-Conscious Soul of the Infinite Being, which neither creates nor ceases to create, because what creates is the mind that believes and manifests, according to its understanding of the existential Word, YHWH.

Thus we can say that it is an I Am Beings We are, Yo Soy Seres Somos, read the same back and forth.

I, now, choose to believe in unconditional Love, unaltered Life, blissful and serene Consciousness, where everything sublimates and returns to the original state.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Principles of Transformative Magic


1.Lives of Life and not human sheep
Whether we like it or not, our world society and economy is mostly governed with Babylo-Greco-Roman laws that are draconian, as they are based on a social pyramid structure and a tyrannical distribution of resources, a noose around the neck, since the richest and powerful have access to more control and knowledge, obtaining greater capacity for genetic, mediatic and technological manipulation, to continue existing at the expense of the most ignorant, whose condition plunges them into misery.
This system does not consider humans as beings with a respectable intimacy of life or with spiritual needs, even medicine regards people as pieces of meat. 

And to hide this, the "enlightened ones" say humans are legal entities, subjects with civil rights, which are of course established within the conditions of artificial states, based on the same draconian system.
And the evidende this does not lead to the development of the Inner Luminous Life, are cities full of aggressive, selfish, stressed, sick, frustrated people, tired of so much competitiveness and socio-economic injustice. In society we rather find human cattle, sheep destined to be sheared, milked and slaughtered. Curiously, in Spanish being is ser and its reverse forms the word Res, which in Spanish is "cattle", and "thing" in Latin.
Precisely, this is how human society was described since ancient times, telling how self-proclaimed  gods divided the land into sections and led humans as sheep. Plato and other sages wrote about this. But some of us are witnessing this today. The great misfortune that humanity is experiencing is that the social educational systems, especially religious and political, were designed by twisted minds at the summits of an inhuman social pyramid, and with them they taught the human masses to regard themselves as sheep in need of shepherds, poor people in need of garbage, sinners in need of payment... In short, cattle and objects without will or conscience, plus masochists, lovers of suffering, struggling for competition to achieve superficial goals and recognized success. Even when many reach the pinnacle of success, they indulge in corruption, drugs, sex, and alcohol because they can't stand the inner emptiness that supposed success leaves. 

Meanwhile a small circle of pseudo-enlightened psychopaths want to dominate over those who believe themselves to be less powerful, exploiting resources that must be wisely protected and administered, not politically or religiously.
According to Bill Gates, no one is responsible for being born in a poor country, but everyone is responsible for dying poor. And the truth is that this is highly debatable in various ways, because there are souls who are simply born in poverty because in previous existences they wasted all the energy and knowledge they had. But many others are simply victims of a system of oppression. It would be interesting to see what magnates would do if they had been born in towns of Africa or India, forced to inflate their stomachs with the contaminated and modified starch their companies produce and sell to poor countries. It would even be more interesting to see a young Mr.Gates running naked through the savanna, in front of or behind the lions.
What is missing then? Very simple: Awareness and exercise of the most basic principles of Being and Life, none to be found in politics, religions or pseudo-spiritualities.
In the miracle of the present moment lies the key to transformation and abundance; but there are different nuances and principles to understand: presence, magnetism, energy economization, right effort, direction, armonía... All of them constitute the keys to existential magic. And they were both taught and exemplified by the Master who manifested: ask and you shall receive.

Everyone on earth is receiving what they ask for. And as it was clarified: the problem is that you do not know how to ask, because you do it for your selfish purposes (James 4.3).

It is time then to ask for what corresponds to us, as it corresponds to us.

2. Magnetic Principles and Magic of the Full Being
From the earliest times it has been revealed that the world of chaos and scarcity was the result of a violation of cosmic laws, a fall from a sphere where the energy of Life is complete and not fragmented.
And all unmodified Life of Light emanated from a Source of Fullness, the Home of the Primal Being, which is always Present everywhere. Its magnetic essence is I am a self-subsisting and self-transcending immortal Love, serene Life and vital Light for all and in all.
That is precisely the meaning of Love, Amor, A-mort, absence of death, that is, the Life of serene Light that is donated without constricting time.
And Love is basically an attractive energy, pure magnetism, but not everyone is able to express it fully. Some beings express it only through opposites, the fractal world of electromagnetism, positive poles that give and negative poles that receive, but get exhausted.
So let's say that the first universal principle is that Love grows in direct proportion to the absence of selfishness. The greater the Love, the greater the fullness of Being, the lesser the egocentrism, the lesser the electromagnetic polarity and the lesser desire to receive or impose oneself.

The movement of true Love is also a principle of Self-transcending identity where the I becomes You and Us. In Spanish we even have an amazing palindrome, read the same backwards: Yo Soy Seres Somos: I Am Beings We Are.

That makes Life find less duality and less limits to the extent that it expresses complete Love.
Something that made me renew my way of thinking was understanding that my real Self is like a sphere of magnetic Light that grows in the fertile ground of life experiences, but only to the extent that self-awareness, attention, intention and understanding elevates the quality of experiences.
So, two other principles are:
The quality of attention and intuition is proportional to the degree of essential self-remembering.
The more we perceive our fullness, the more the attention and intuition of high vibration grow.
On the other hand, keep in mind that the more our consciousness grows, the more connectivity with the environment and full Life Consciousness increases.
And this improves the quality of our life, due to another principle:
The level of your Being attracts the experiences you live.
If we have energy, attention and intention but we waste it by focusing our attention on low pleasures, pain, bitterness, weakness, lack, we feed all that, because likes attracts like and energy flows where attention goes.
And that is to channel the will or intention towards what we do not want: pain, suffering, lack ...
From here another key is derived and it is the principle of reverse effort and fading away: the more one strives in something, the more difficult it becomes. In other words, what you run into, runs away from you.
The key to success lies in the principle of effortless effort or action without action, Wei Wu Wei call it the Taoists, a state of complete attention where mind, heart and body align with the energy of the All, channeling the Presence of the complete Being.
Therefore, another principle of Life is that the efficiency and integrity of action increases as the Presence of Being grows and the thoughts or emotions that interfere decrease.
It is of little use to think a lot positive, and less negative if it steals mental energy necessary to keep our attention on specific tasks and goals that are in tune with the Primordial Source.
All this is precisely what Yshua the Nazarene taught:

learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls, for my yoke is easy and my burden light. 

He was a master of effortless action and self-trancendence, reason why he emptied himself from his false self:

Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christos Iesous (Cosmic Man/Universal Soul), who, though he was in the form of God (vehicle of Infinite Light), did not count equality with God (Endless Light) a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross...(Philipians 2:5-8)

Many still ignore that even Talmudic records (Sanhedrin 43a) state that Yeshu was hanged on th Eve of Passover for practicing magic and having led the people of Israel to apostasy.

His teaching is based on the highest form of Magic, which starts from the conscious and unconditional Love that springs from the Primordial Being, whose magnetism of serene Life can transform everything.
And if Yshua's human carnal expression was murdered it was not because he couldn't escape, but because he decided not to run away and give the last lesson of staying among the insane to awaken even more souls:

He who wants me to come, deny your false ego, take up your cross and follow me (Matthew 16:24)

With this he also demonstrated that divine will can change everything, making the death of the ego the greatest triumph.
And the keys of magic that the Master gave are not hidden. Even in the canonical Gospels great keys are found. Ask and you will receive, said the Master, keeping in mind the old law of attraction and opposition: like attracts th like and opposites repel each other.
In Mark 11 it is collected in a creative way: Have faith in God (the fullness of Being). I assure you that whoever says to this mountain: "Take off and throw yourself into the sea" and does not hesitate in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, he will get it. That is why I tell you: whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have already received it and will obtain it (Mark 11)
The tragedy is that the human mind interprets everything from the physical level, without understanding that the God to whom the translation refers is not an external entity and that the Master does not teach how to speak to a mountain, because he could not be trusted in a physical object. We must trust the subtle Being of reality. There are much bigger mountains that we must get around first, and they are psychological and spiritual in nature, beginning with the selfish intentions that keep us trapped physically. In fact, the Aramaic translation of that passage alludes to asking without hidden intent, with conviction in the miracle.
And the true Faith is to trust with Hope in the accomplished miracle of our full Being, which aspires to manifest itself here and now. This can be expressed in a phrase by Heraclitus:

he who does not expect the unexpected will not find it, for he is hard to seek and find.

What corresponds to us for Being complete is greater and better than our narrow mind imagined. 

And when we are really tuned in, even the most implausible can happen. The Master was an example of how it is possible to influence the physical at all levels.
But first we have to see this on manageable levels. 

For example, feeling unconditional Love and transforming a negative emotion is already a miracle.

So this is not asking for anything, in a big way, how and when our egoism determines. What is the point of asking for a mountain to be thrown into the water, or asking for a mansion that is too much for me alone and I cannot take care of it? What is the use of receiving a lot of money if I don't even know how to distribute it intelligently? Don't the great magnates who drown the world waste enough money already?
As it was also said: He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much (Luke 16:10).

Here souls can gain understanding of much greater functions. And what would the unresponsible do with Light merkavas and other wonders? They would become fallen architects or deceiving spiritual teachers, as some of the alien species that brag about technologies.
We even rarely appreciate the great talents and strengths we are born with.
The parable of the talents teaches that whoever does not use what he has to increase energy, the few he has will be taken from him. And this is because the darkness will not stop stealing that energy.
That is why the Master teaches to ask from the authentic personality.
And whatever you ask the Father in my name, I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son (John 14:13). 

Asking the Father or Primordial Origin in the Name is not asking in the name of an idol-deity like Jehovah, Jesus, Yeshua, Yahoshua, Yahshua or whatever we want to call it. The Hebrew word shem is translated as a name but it means a state or vibration that determines the essence of something. Yahoshua itself means the Personality of the Primal Being is Salvation, an I Amness of unconditional Love and Life of serene Light. Thus it is stated in John 17: 

I have manifested your Name/Personality to them, and I will still manifest it; so that the Love with which you have loved me is in them, and I in them. 

Manifesting the abundance of the primordial verb is not possible if we do not live bearing fruit with the gifts of our luminous seed, the genetics of the new humanity: 

I am the Vine (genetics of true Light), you are the branches; he who abides in me, and I in him, he bears much fruit; for apart from me you can do nothing .... You did not choose me, but I chose you, and I have appointed you to go and bear fruit, and your fruit to remain; so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you (John 15:16). 

It obviously alludes to those who are emanating from the Primordial Source and not mere astral souls. Furthermore, not manifesting the light energy of the New Humanity causes destructive emotional fire to arise in the form of frustration and groach towards what we do not understand and what we think prevents us from achieving our highest goals, when in reality we were given everything to get out.

He who does not abide in me will be cast out as a branch, and will wither; and they catch them, they throw them in the fire, and they burn (John 15: 6) 

That same thing was taught in the Gospel of Thomas in a more complete way: 

If you develop what you have inside, those you carry inside will save you; if you don't develop what you have inside, what you have inside will destroy you (Gospel of Thomas).
The fundamental purpose of each Being is therefore to flourish fully with a unique potential. And that implies recovering three spheres that were denied to humanity:
The Universal Self, Ena; his Purpose and Will, Ratzon, and his elvated Conscience, Da´at Elyon, which allows us to recognize them and give meaning to our complete experience of reality.
And no one can achieve that alone. Let's remember the principle of connectivity. Yshua himself taught it: 

Father, keep them in your Name/Personality so that they are one like you and I are one... Love one another as I have loved you. 

Therefore, we must not only ask ourselves what our origin and purpose are, but we must also know the connections of life, in order to better know where to put our attention and energy.
3. Oneness of Being
Understanding the essence of our participation in the full Being can be further understood by investigating the qualities of the so-called Divine Word or Tetragrammaton (Yhwh). It was not by chance that it was said: you will not take the Name Yhwh Elohym in vain (Exodus 20: 7). Yet we can translate: you will not take the energies of the Being in vain.
As we saw, in Hebrew a name, shem, is not a label that is stuck on someone, but a vibration that determines the essence of something. And Yhwh basically means Being and it underlies all existence. Hawa precisely means to Exist and the reverse form of Yhwh is Hawayah, which is Existence. And it contains the verb forms: 

It was (Haya), It is (Howwe) and It will be (Yihie).
So Yhwh sometimes refers to temporal existence, what comes from the past or what will be, as the potential of a seed.
From there come the four elements and the beings that represent them, be they of fire, air, water or earth.
The four letters also reflect the four steps of manifestation: emanation/intention, organization, formation and manifestation.
This is how we see it in a seed, root, stem and fruit.
But the full Being remains outside of space-time, in an ever-present completeness. And the qualities of that complete Being were very well described by the master Parmenides in the 6th century BC. His poem says that the only thing absolutely real is the One Being, complete and homogeneous, while what we see with the five senses is relative because it vanishes and is subject to opposites: more, less; black, white ... 

This helps to understand why in Acts of the Apostles we see Paul tell the Greeks that the followers of the Master worship the unknown God to whom the Hellenes had erected a monument, that is, the full Being. And in that context of meaning Paul added: in Him we live, we move and we are… His lineage (Acts 17:28).
That is why its first emanated Light is known as the Primordial Man or Father of Lights, the luminous body through which the Infinite Being multiplies in each of its expressions.
Now, the Vibration of Love and Life of serene Light should not be taken in vain because when one of its qualities or Elohym is missing, the shadow of Being (Yhwh) arises. Not by chance, Howeh (Hwh), is calamity, disaster.
I am Existence (Yhwh), the one who generates light (electromagnetic) and forms darkness (Isaiah 45: 6-7).
The inability to feel the fullness of Being leads to see only Shadow of existence. For example, if there is Love in us but Life and the Conscience of serene Light does not manifest, an insatiable desire arises that destroys us, because it does not recognize itself. 

Life disconnected from magnetic Love and serene Light, becomes dark, sorrowful, spiteful and agitated.

The Loveless Light is a play of light, a simulation full of chaos and electromagnetic agitation between negative and positive poles, lunar and solar, including false Wisdom and Knowledge based on external data.
And the same applies to Serenity; there is a false peace imposed through immediate satisfaction or peace imposed by force. None of that leads to fulfillment. Only by being vehicles of the complete Being can we participate in it. And this involves our whole mind, heart and body.
That was expressed even in expressions that were perverted.
The same name Yehudah (Yehwdah), from where they want to derive the word jew, literally means door (delet) for Being (Yhwh), because in the middle there is a letter Dalet. 

But how many of those who call themselves Jews open the door to the Love of Oneness? How many have spoken of Hashem, the Messiah, God, the Divine and the angels, without even knowing their Purpose of divine Life, beyond the images, the concepts, the rituals and beliefs in external idols?
Very few can even be called Israelites, who according to Jacob's narration are those who defeat the selfish inner Adam, the powers of the Moon (Isis) and the Sun (Ra) through the effort towards El, name associated with the planet Jupiter, which symbolizes expansive mercy. Yashar El means effort towards El. But Israel can be read as Rosh Ly, my head, because Israel is the head of the Primordial Adam. All beings are called to integrate into armonía:
Listen Israel, the forces of Being (Yhwh Elohym) are Being Oneness (Yhwh Ejad) –Deuteronomy 6.
Of course, oneness means an interrelation of beings with regard to Unity. And this implies integrating even those opposing forces that were disconnected from the Tree of Life, as the "wind" that pushes the sail to move the boat. As the Master taught, a divided house cannot stand. An old saying goes: what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
That is only achieved with the opening of Love, since the loving Reality encompasses and connects everything in Oneness (Ejad), making Life flow towards Unity (Yihud).
The same language contains all these meanings mathematically:
In Hebrew Love is Ahaba, and has the same numerical value as Ejad, Oneness, and is 13, like the value of Einai, Being in Greek.
And 13 is the Space that includes the 12 edges of a cube or the Seed that contains the 12 fruits of the Tree of Life. 

The very essence of Being reveals its Truth in Existence. And that making himself known is his Universal Soul or Messiah, to which the divine souls belong. 

In fact, in Hebrew, Olam (Kosmos), Elem (Hidden) and Almah (Maiden) are the same word, and their gematria is 145, which adds up to 10, the spheres of the manifestation, symbolized in the Parable of the Woman that had 10 coins, lost one, she turned on the lights and swept the house to find it.
Few understand that the Essence of Love has the virtue of opening a space of constant flow and self-discovery, like a heart with four ventricles. Otherwise it would stagnate.
Heart in Hebrew is Lebab, but the other way around it gives Babel, confusion.
In the same way, when Love is ignored, it gives rise to the opposite, Rome, symbol of the old Babylonian system, which continues to confuse its dualistic language and religion, with books whose altered letter kill.
Having seen the beauty contained in the dynamics of Being, does it not sound absurd and babelic to speak of a God Lord and owner of souls who fights against a Devil or Accuser? Why insist more on calling Love Lord, if the Being Love is not the owner but an all-encompassing and unitary donating Source? 

The Loving Being does not reflect the idea of the Supreme Creator God either, an entity different from his creatures, who become fallen and diseased cattle. What kind of God bears decadent fruit? Being Oneness does not lead to the creation of things but to the generation of Life. No seed creates its tree or other fruits, but unfolds them from within. And the same happens when we love from the Holy Being, becoming generations, descendants. But the forked tongue sowed division and hatred, since it comes from the "generation of vipers" referred to by the Master, pointing to the religious authorities full of accusation. 

Even Pablo expressed some truth by saying that there is only one God and Father (Origin) who is above all, through all and in all (Ephesians 4: 6). 

Unfortunately words such as Theou (God) and Iesous, were associated with astral deities, such as Zeus, god of Olympus, who remains above all and never in all, while the Being transcends space and time, manifesting himself even in illusion. So let´s those who have ears not hate and understand.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Daimonic Love vs The Love and Twin Soul of Primordial Being

                   Daemonic Selves & Elements

I was recently asked about the idea of the Daimon, which originated the term Demon, even though it also referred to the higher Self, or at least, some “ruling or guiding selfhood within”.

And nowadays we hear much about the search for the higher Self and Christ consciousness. However, in ancient times these concepts not always referred to the Divine Self. There were many daemons and many christs. 

So saying we are looking for Christ consciousness or a Higher Self is dumping ourselves into the trash of confusing ideas.

Generally speaking, in ancient times a Daimon was a mediator between the earthly realm and the divine spheres, where the gods or higher beings dwell.

Daimons were regarded as bodies of fire and air, formed from the stars and the planets.

the substance of a daimon as daimon is associated with a body of air or fire ( Plotinus, Ennead III).

In this category we can include beings like the Djinn, Elementals like the Elves and Fairies, or even the Aliens and other weird creatures. 

Some of these bings work for the wellbeing of Kosmos, but many others rebelled long ago, as told in the Book of Revelation, with the Dragon whose taild dragged a third of stars with him.

The Coran also spaks of Iblis, the Invisible type of Djinn/Genie species, which became the Shaitan when they refused to bow before Adam, as commanded by Allah/God. And Iblis was precisely jealous since his race were beings made up of fire, not simply earth. They ignored Adam was meant to be a vessel for the deepest divine essence, beyond all elements.

In ancient times Earth represented the physical realm, Water the emotions, Air the mind, Fire the passions and Ether, the Divine substance or Quintessence.

This is why the Sumerians spoke of En-lil as Lord of the Air, representing a type of engineers that use their mind to build up mental matrixes.

Surely that´s what Paul meant when referring to the wicked spirits of the Air in Ephesians 6.

As for En-ki, the Lord of the Water and Earth, it refers to beings of a more emotional and physical nature, amphibous beings like Apkallu, Adapa, Oannes, Nommo...

Daimonic loves and destinies

Now, daimons are not just entities external to humanity, since these can grow within human beings as well, as a multiform psychological character:

Character is for man his Daimon (Heraclitus)

And Plato wrote the daimon is the ruling force in a soul:

Speaking about the main part of the soul that is in us, about the part which occupies, so to speak, the crown of the body, we have to bear in mind that god has given it to every one of us as a daimon; we argue that it lives in the upper part of our body and raises us from the earth towards our heavenly relations, because we are not the earthly but a heavenly plant. And we have every right for that (Timaeus 90a).

Later on, Plotinus, founder of Neoplatonism, explained that an inclination towards Beauty and the Good generates a divine type of Daimon within the person. So Daimon is basically a "loving inclination".

But in the same way, there are negative daemonic characters forged when a person indulges in weaknesses and evil doing.

And the damonic character depends on the different emotional soul, mind and spirit,  which in turn determine the aspect of the physical body, and thus the type of Daimon ruling the person.

We see that in all the racial variety on this earth. Different races are formed by different souls of different astral origin. Humanity is a hybrid reservoir of alien genes and truly divine souls. But the experiment is quite out of control, since it was not commanded by the Holy One, but by immature Architects.

Yet, many souls come here, having different destinations, depending on their origina and level of education. 

The daimon basically determines the life paths of a soul, in accord to habits and actions. Hence the importance of cultivating good habits.

Plato adds in his Phaedo that the daimon each person has in life, takes full control when the physical body dies, and it drives the soul to some place or another, in accord with the actions.

The Daimon also also serves as a guide during life, as we learn from the following classical anecdote.

Plato was presumably present in his teacher´s death trial, and he wrote that when the judges asked Socrates why he didn´t escape, he replied: my Daimon told me. Socrates thought if he had escaped, his wife and son would´ve been in trouble with the Law of Athens.

So, was this Daimon of Socrates his guiding personality or an external spirit guide?

Both would make sense. 

Problems with Daimonic Education

According to Plotinus, true divine guides do not belong to the daemonic category, but they can fall into lower realms when they get trapped in the astral world of daemons.:

how is it that Daimons didn´t remain impassible? How is it they descended in nature to a lower level?...The answer is that in the intelligible world it is preferable not to call anyone Daimon, but say that even if there is a Daimon in itself (a form of a Daimon), this is also a god, and that in the sensitive world, in turn, the visible gods up to the moon are secondary gods (Plotinus, On Love, Treatise III, 6.9, 6.19).

This implies the fact some Beings, Messengers of Light or Angels, fell into the Daimonic realm long ago, something well told in different stories.

This is how many mixed up with the lower worlds, giving birth to new offsprings, half heavenly, half daemonic, such as the Nefilim or fallen ones in Genesis 6.

However, the fall was made possible by Dualistic condition.

We even find this in the Book of Genesis. After the earth and heavens were organized, a catastrophe made all void and empty.

And the Divine Architects or Elohim wanted to reorganize the chaos in conditions of duality to bring unity again. The Elohim or Architcts separated light from darkness, as told in Genesis 1. 

Then they reorganized chaos, established cycles of time and designed different species of earth, water, air and fire. 

The plan was to create an Adam or Humanity in their image and likeness, clothed with the four elements, represented by the lower I amness, the Tetragrammaton or Yhwh.

Remember Yhwh has two readings. When it refers to Elemental Beings, Angels/Messengers and Arch-Angelic Architects, it remains within the sphere of Time-Space, projected to past and future.

But the Great I Amness is always complete in the middle of everything, here and now, emanating from the Sphere of Emanation (Atzilut).

This is why Yhwh contains haya (it was), howwe (it is) and yihie (it will be).

And as we can see Genesis 1 and 2 are projections towards the future plans of creation (Beriah), by means of a World of Formation (Yetzirah) into a World of Action (Assiyah).

And Genesis 2 tells a stage in which Adam is formed (yetzer) from the dust of Adamah. Then, after receiving from the Elohim the divine mental breath or Neshemah, Adam became a vital soul (nefesh jayah).

This soul was meant to inhabit the Adamic species created in Genesis 1, beings which included the previous Fifth Day creatures from Earth, Air and Water. And we can deduce the creeping creatures are the passional firy aspect.

So we have a First Adam made up of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and why not, Quintessence, the Mental Breath. Although the Divine breath could also come from the World of Beriah, not nesessarily from Atzilut, the Emanation of Adam Kadmon.

The original Primordial Adam has five elements, with the Etheric Light from the Source. Hence the levels of Divine Soul are five: Nefesh (vital soul), Ruaj (Emotional soul), Neshemah (Mental soul), Jayah (Life) and Yejida (Unified).

In any case, Yhwh Elohim basically applied what we can call a Daimonic Education, based on struggling with different inclinations within to elevate the Soul and all Fallen Creation with it. But it failed.

In Hebrew those inclinations are yetzer ha ra or inclinations towards evil/scarcity and yetzer ha tob or inclination to satisfaction, good.

Hence the commands in Genesis 1 and 2: exert dominion over the creatures of the earth, air and water and do not eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad.

For this purpose Adam was put into a Garden of Eden, or let´s read, a body with mental soul (neshamah), since Gan (Garden) is Guf (Body) and Neshemah (Menta soul). 

And as it was not good for Adam to be alone, the Elohim brought into place other species from Adamah, with which the Human Soul could interact.

These were meant to be an “opposite help”, ezer kenegdo. And Adam was commanded to name them so he could exert dominion. And so did Adam.

But as the story goes, Adam did not found contrary help and the Elohim, the daemonic forces of Nature put Adam into sleep.

Thus the Soul of humanity descended into a lower level, being split into man and woman, not only externally, but internally. The higher self or spiritual mind was the man, while the woman was the emotional rational side and body of Adam: flesh of my flesh and bones of my bones. Jawah basically means "to reveal". And according to Hebrew sages Adam did not know Eve/Jawah originally. So th Architects gave Adam the opportunity to know his own divinity. But all under conditions of trickery which are not divine.

Adam´s emotional rational side became seduced by the whispers of the Serpent species of geneticists, which designed their own Tree of Knowledge of Good and bad, physical bodies prepared to trap souls.
And under this daemonic influence, Adam became food for creatures that were lower and could not evolve deeper. Not even the Architects knew how to deal with them. And their lower Adam failed.

Hence Paul´s words: first Adam was made a living psyche/soul, last Adam was made a Life giving spirit (1st Corinthians 15).

Yshua became the first great example for humans to manifest the Divine Personality of Adam Kadmon, raising the frequency above the Daimonic realm of Good and Bad, the tricky Divine Justice.

The Holy One Being remains beyond time and space, good and bad, always complete. His Just Justice is of a different kind.

Fallen Twin Souls vs Primordial Twin Souls

In the same way, Primordial Love and daemonic love are different. Later on we´ll see the difference. But for now let´s notice the first humanity was not initiated into Primordial Love, which does not choose between good and evil, since it never judges, but includes and transforms everything.

According to Hebrew stories, Adam, the Soul of Humanity, didn´t know nor understood his feminine side originally, and thus the Architects established the conditions for such inner revelation.

And as Adam did not find an appropriate helpmate to know his feminine side, Adam was split into two, externally and internally.

This originated the inner twins, spirit and psyche of Adam, as well as external men and women, meant to marry to be one flesh, in accord with daemonic inclinations of love and affinity.

Thus Adam mixed up with the physical world and the Adamic soul began to split further in two´s. 

Each split generated a new type of masculine/feminine pair. The first was called Adam and Javah, Atman and Jivah in India, and were the collctive Spirit mind, which remained in the unconscious after the fall, and the Psyche in contact with the physical bodies on earthly creatures with enough brain capacity. These were known as the twins or Geminii, one immortal and the other subject to cycles of death and rebirth.

And as the Adamic Soul split up more and more, different souls became incarnated into different people, originating twin souls on the physical levels as well. 

And the reason was the incapability of Adamic souls to handle all energy tasks and karmic debts at once. Some souls had to deal with issues of vitality (nefesh), others with emotionality (ruaj), others with mental understanding (neshemah)...

Thus we can say the souls from the original pair, share different common roots which make them all twin souls, more or less complementary depending on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels they work.

Yet only when there is a complete match of opposites on all domains there is full resonance of the original Twins and therefore a return to the original state of being. 

This is why there can´t be full match between masculine and masculine or feminine and feminine, as New Agers suggest, promoting the degenerated trans-gender ideology, which is aimed at causing more hybridization of daemonic souls, disease, infertility and reduction of divine soul population. Specially now that there are more divine souls present on the earth and the powers darkness can´t stand so much light.

Following certain ideas, many today still speak about finding their ideal Twin Soul or even their Twin Flame, a new concept coined by Elisabeth Clare Prophet,  in reference to a full match of masculine and feminine plarities derived from the original split, made by God at the beginning of Creation. 

But what God are we talking about? Confused Architects or the Holy One?

As we can now understand, this is plunging into the cave of misconceptions and hybrid mixes.

Even Plato wrote in his Symposyum that Zeus (Yhwh Elohim) split up the androgynous beings to decrease their power. And Eros was born in the Garden of Zeus when Penía (Scarcity) had relations with Poros (the resourceful mind), two aspects of the lower Psyche/Soul, known as Aphrodite, goddess of beauty.

Isn´t that the same story as Adam and the Serpent in the tricky Garden or Henhouse of Elohim? 

Most teachings concerning the twin souls and twin flames show how many are still subjecting themselves to the influence of daemonic
entities, whose prime interest is hybridating themselves with human souls, joining souls that can be somehow complimentary on a physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual level. But they still don´t express the divine personality.

Some suggest Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were an example of perfect twin soul or even twin flame, and
that they both married and had children, all of which has no real foundation, as I already explained in a video (see link below).

Some people even claim they have a twin soul or a
twin flame from the Pleiades, other star systems or in the astral real, and according to them, these
twin souls/twin flames guide them and give them wisdom knowledge.

This is the perfect example of how easy is for humans to give away their will power and access to the own Divine Conscience, a gift from the Holy One.

The problem of approaching the idea of twin souls from the New Age perspective is that it leads into idolatry, idol worship.

First of all, not everyone has a divine soul. Besides that, there can be matches on a physical, emotional, mental and not spiritual, or even spiritual, but twisted, since the spirit can come from fallen sources.

And since the term Twin Flame is being used in a fallen context, it is highly deceptive.

This does not mean there are no twin souls close to that idea. My conviction is that there are new divine souls which come from the Primordial Source with an specific mission, and they split in two, very much like in the idea of Twin Flames, but they do not work as “twin flames experts” suggest. This has nothing to do with courses on twin flame ascension, twin flame sex and other megalomaniac phantasies, which only reveal psychological imbalances in a profoundly seek humanity.

Yshua himself exemplified a deeper notion of twin soul by when he showed the true Divine Personality of the Holy One. And as some of his disciples manifested it too, being regarded as twins.

One of them was the so-called Beloved Disciple, which in my view is symbolize by Mary Magdalene, not John, as a sick Roman Church always preteded. As I already explained, this is in John 19, when the Master says to his mother: there you have your son (pointing to Mary Magdalene).

But we also have the case of Thomas Didymos.  Tomaso means twin in Aramaic. And Didymos means twin in Greek. So Thomas the Apostle and Evangelist was regarded as twin of Yeshua, since he manifested to some degree the Divine personality.

So all those manifesting the Personality of the Holy One are twin souls of the Holy One.

Overcoming the 72 Daemonic Characters

The manifestation of the divine personality
has to do with developing unconditional love from the
true wisdom and understanding of the Holy One. 

And the first step is to conquer Lunar, Solar and Planetary energies within ourselves. These was symbolized as Isis, Ra and El or Israel, name given to Jacob when he conquered his inner man. Israel is also a permutation of Rosh Ly, My Head (Head of Primordial Adam) and Yashar El, effort towards El, name associated with the sphere of Jesed, Mercy. That´s the inclination towards the good. Yet, this inclination is just a step not the key.

We must understand that the lower passions are marked by our psychological daemonic types. When we are born our human personality is somehow shaped by energies from the earth, other planets, the moon and the Sun.

This is why there is a cycle of twelves psychotypes symbolized by the Mazzarot or Zodiac.

And each one of them can be sub-divided into three: physical type, emotional type and a mental type. 

That makes 36 in total, for the first level of the personality. And as there are four in the wheel of Yhwh, all rounds make 144.

And just from body and soul rounds we get the 72 daemonic characters or fallen personalities. These are the 72 demons of Kabala.

In the same way, we have 72 remaining personalities which would be more positive and spiritual, since they imply the development of the mind and divine spirit.  

And we can use the positive aspects of our daemonic
type. For instance, my lunar and solar psycho-type is Aquarius, defined by “I Know”. So knowing and investigating ideas is very helpful for me. But I have to be very careful not to become a know-it-all, a proud wiseacree, imposing dogmatic views .

Moreover, we must collect all the twelves aspects, since our true being lies in the middle, as the thirteen aspect.

And this leads us to another interesting coincidence.

The Truth of Primordial Love

We know that Love in Hebrew is Achaba, word with a gematric value of 13, just as Echad, Unicity.

And the nature of true unconditional love was perfectly described by Paul in 1st Corinthians 13:7

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love bears all things because it's able to protect us against any type of suffering and fallen passions

Love believes all things because it includes everything, for even negative issues and horrible manifestations can eventually work for the growth of the soul.

Love hopes for all things because it always aspires towards the greatest manifestation of the miracle in our life. Expect the unexpected, as we saw last week.

And true love is capable of enduring everything, crossing all suffering without being destroyed.  

True Love makes us feel the fullness of Being here and now, because, unlike daemonic love, it´s
satisfied and can give its Essence permanently from the Primordial Source: emanating the true Life, the loving Conscience, Sun that never sets and endless blissful Serenity.

[1] Twin Soul in Yeshua´s teaching: