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Healing with 13 Spheres of Sensory Awareness

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        Aesthetics of the Dermic-Sensory System

Apart from the 11 Physiological Systems, neuroscientists now add the Integumentary or Dermal System, whose amazing functions range from producing vitamin D to facilitating the connection of mind, emotion and body [1]

Interestingly, that connection was used by former healers, who called it common sense, koinê aisthesis.

By connecting with common sense, many of us have been able to eliminate allergies, eczema and other skin reactions, working on sensory-epithelial and emotional awareness, reactivating each body system consciously.

This is because the skin reflects either the armonious beauty of the Divine Soul or shadows of the Psyche. And the same can be said of the 5 senses, which are obscured when there is no unitary consciousness that encompasses them.

Interestingly, Aur in Hebrew means skin when written letter Ayin, while Aur with Alef means Light. So, when it is said that the First Adam or fallen humanity was dressed in fur, it is revealed that they lost their dresses of Light, which were left in the dense bodies of planetary creatures. Therefore, it is "common sense" to recover them. And this begins by beginning to rethink the body.

Therefore, the Dermal System must have its own sphere in what is known as the Tree of Lives, and it fits into the sphere of Beauty, Tifereth, where we recognize our Being of Light emanating from the Primordial Origin. And obviously that means accepting us on a physical level.

It is the center of the Common Sense, the interior and exterior aesthetics. That is why when there is absence of self-recognition, fears, victimism, inferiority complexes, and the skin reflects it in many ways, in all organs.

Let us therefore become aware of 12 vital fruits in the dermic sensory system.

         The 12 Aspects of the Dermic System

In the same way we saw 12 physiological systems related to the 12 fruits of the Tree of Lives, this criterion can also be applied to each sphere, since each is a holon, a whole with all aspects.

Therefore, if in the Sphere of the Cosmic Purpose (Telos, Ratzon) or Purpose of Life, we had the Fascia System, in the Dermis we also see that all cells form a unitary tissue that connects all organs.

And since the Respiratory System corresponds to Keter, the Crown or Sphere of Exchange, remember that the skin breathes and sensory impressions are an exchange of energy.

As for the Sphere of Wisdom (Jokmah), the Immune System is responsible for protecting even the skin, and can be activated through the senses gathered in the common sense.

In the Sphere of Vital Understanding (Binah) the dermis is nourished by the Blood and all its components: minerals, vitamins, oxygen, vital light ...

And when the Sphere of Conscience (Da'at) that armonizes the three brains (reptilian, limbic and hemispheres of the neocortex) is activated, the skin is reinforced and reassured. Otherwise, the state of nervous anxiety triggers sweats, chicken skin...

And thanks to the Sphere of Mercy (Jesed), the rivers of Water in the Lymphatic System, clean impurities excreted by the cells.

The Muscular System in the Sphere of Strength (Geburah) also tones the skin.

As for the Beauty Sphere (Tifereth), it is the center of the Sensory Dermal System.

Here we recognize the Beauty of our Light Being, armonizing the physical plane.

The Endocrine System generates hormones such as dopamine, which is activated with the attention of the senses; serotonin, which makes us feel good; the endorphins, which soothe our pain; oxytocin, which makes us feel integrated ... With them the Sphere of Success (Netzaj) develops that helps cells thrive.

Oxytocin, adrenaline and other hormones help us to have an adequate vital mood, guaranteed success.

And in the Sphere of
Structural Splendor (Hod), the dermis and the senses specialize in specific areas, but gathered in a net of tissues.

The Reproductive System corresponds to Yesod, the Fructification Sphere, where not only sexual reproduction occurs, but the growth of subtle cells and bodies.

Finally in the Kingdom Sphere (Malkut), the Digestive and Excretory System work on the dermal, sensory, emotional and mental levels. The skin cells digest micronutrients through water and light; exudate harmful substances. While the senses provide us with impressions, they have to be digested emotionally and mentally. Everything that is not digested must be expelled or transformed.

Once we have become aware of these twelve aspects, we must remember that they originate from an Infinite Allness, being expressions of the Personality of the Father or Universal Man. For none of them are fragments, but complete wholes, or holons.



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Celular Kosmo-Communication of the Primordial Being

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                                        The human marionete

Did you know that what we usually call "waking mind" is a false consciousness whereas true Consciousness and Conscience remains buried in our Unconscious?

And who has heard of the octaves of consciousness whose vibration ascends through the Common Sense that links all the senses?

How many understand this is the key to healing and gateway to the twelve fruits of the Tree of Lives, true Unitary Reality?

Not understanding this means existing as zombies without being the expression/extension of the Universal Holy Being.

Freud himself struck human culture by telling that people act driven by unconscious sexual drives (eros) and destructive death drives (thanatos).

Later C.G. Jung said that the Psyche, the Collective and Personal Unconscious, is a real dimension, populated by psycho-energetic Archetypes that govern the human mind.

At that same time, the Armenian dance teacher G.I.Gurdjieff, said humans exist hypnotized as a puppet moved by mechanical forces, and they are not the top of the food chain, since humans are preyed by dark astral entities. And the only scape is by armonizing body, heart and mind, raising octaves of consciousness, receiving the vivifying vibrations from the Source or Universal Father.

Yet nothing new, since two thousand years ago, Yeshoua, the great messenger of Love and Serene Conscience of Life, revealed that this planet and human culture, with "all" their religions and politics, are governed by fallen vineyard keepers and murderers known as the Father of Lies and Prince/Archon, with many fallen souls servants.

I will not speak much with you, because the Prince of this world comes, and he has nothing in me (John 14:30)

Of course, the leaders of religion and politics did not like what that Master said, and after killing his human vehicle, they falsified his teaching, mixing it with ideas from Egypt and Babylon, carrying a reform reformulation of an old paganism, collected especially in Rome, the reverse of Love (Amor is Love in Spanish).

And how many have awakened even after so many massacres, plunder and rapes perpetrated by religious institutions?

                The Healing Common Sense

Let´s avoid deceiving ourselves, recovering Integral Conscience of Life means waking up from a state of hypnosis and falsehood, increasing a “conscious sensitivity”, regaining real contact with our body, mind and all Kosmos, so that we feel I Am manifestation of the Love to the expansive Conscience of Joyus Serene Life coming from The Holy One.

But let´s recognize that modern humans are barely aware of their unfortunate condition, root of their rare
and increasing diseases.

All due to isolation, a lack of contact with the real Kosmos, something that is very much reflected on the skin and other physical organs.

Who does not know someone who has not suffered skin conditions such as allergies, eczema, psoriasis, lupus, cancer…?

I suffered from chronic hand eczema for decades... And as a young lad one agreed to use corticoids because it was what the dermatologist recommended. But over time I became even addicted to the damn cream, because occasionally one got eczema on my hands, especially in periods of frustration and anxiety, unable to fully express tremendous amounts of creative energy, to do what one came to do. Musical creation, inner study and conscious relaxation, prevented me from going crazy at that time.

However, years later, after certain adverse circumstances,
frustration increased and the skin problem exploded along with strong food allergies to dairy, bread, oil, sugar and tremendous digestive problems. But then I refused to use medicines, only applying an organic moisturizer, going into fasting, dieting... 

Yet one wanted to get to the root of the problem at all costs. So one started gathering information about Greco-Arabic Medicine, Nutritional Hygienism, Neuroimmunology, Biodecoding, Hasidic Medicine, Cabalistic Psychotherapy, Pythagorean Science...

And while all that information helped me to understand the Psyche and unconscious nature of traumas, the truth is that all was needed was always within my reach, in a "conscious sense" that many of us have during childhood, forgetting it later, even when someone tells us the truth. That is why we rarely expand all areas of our Being.

The funny thing is that before falling so sick, one was inspired by those who remind us of the Truth about Holistic Healing and the Oneness of everything, although unfortunately, almost nobody paid attention to what they said.

One humbly acknowledges my person would be lost without the message of Yeshoua, who reminded those of us who love from the Origin of Life, that we are the Light of Kosmos, called to show the Way, the Truth and the Life, beyond all religion, moral and politics, because it is a path with no division or conflict.

And along with the forgotten Parmenides, one affirms Reality, or real Being, is One, homogeneous and nothing else exists, since all that remains and never dissolve is unicity around Unity, everywhere. 

A view already known by Hebrew prophets, with whom Pythagoras himself studied on Mount Carmel.

With Pythagoras himself one admits there is geometry in the resonance of strings, armonía in the silence between spheres, and that the universe is a Kosmos, an ordered vibratory wholeness that came from One Source, or Universal Father, as Yeshoua called it.

And inspired by poems of Empedocles, and what Peter Kingsley transmits about him, one reminds the Common Sense connects all senses and links us to the living Kosmos.

Even without understanding this, Aristotle called it "koiné aisthesis", which literally means "common sense", being the genuine "Awakened Consciousness", which is the least common of the senses, since no one is usually aware of even dreaming while waking up. Psychologists themselves sleep while calling waking consciousness to the waking state.

The most interesting thing is that this "common sense" was literally cultivated in sacred caves and Dream Temples, where the sick people laid in incubation, under the supervision and guidance of expert healers such as Parmenides or Empedocles. And according to the chronicles people got cured from the incurable.

Centuries later came the healing episodes of Yeshoua, with whom many got healed only by hearing or touching him. And what did he say according to the sacred texts? I healed you?

Daughter, your faith has healed you; go in peace and be healed of your affliction (Mark 5:34)

Therefore, the true miracle has to do with a change in the state of awareness that connects us to Reality, the Tree of Lives.

Then, taking the blind man's hand, he pulled him out of the village; and spitting in his eyes, he put his hands on it, and asked if he saw anything. He, looking, said: I see men as "trees," but I see them walking. Then he put his hands over his eyes again, and made him look; and was restored, and saw from afar and clearly all (Mark 8:22)

And the Tree of Lives not only returns sight to the blind, but can even regenerate tissues, as salamanders do after losing a limb.

Did you know that humans have the same genes as salamanders to regenerate tissues? If not, now you know. Can you imagine then what we are capable of doing with our bodies?
 At least neuroscience starts taking small wise steps, recognizing the connection between the cultivation of attention, neuroplasticity and the self-healing capacity of the body. So let´s stop chatting about "placebo effect" please. That is a concealment of a more real phenomenon.

                               Light on Skin

Despite all falsehoods, even science begins to recognize some truths known since ancient times, such as multi-sensory organ called skin. This is why physiology already recognizes there are twelve systems: nervous, respiratory, vascular, lymphatic, muscular, skeletal, endocrine, reproductive, digestive, excretory, immune and dermic.

Neuroscientists also known the Dermic System as
now Integumentary, whose amazing functions range from producing vitamin D to facilitating the connection of mind, emotion and body.

A fact that I researched after listening to a brilliant talk by neuroscientist Claudia Aguirre, in TEDx [1]

Precisely such body-mind connection is what ancient healers used to call common sense, koinê aisthesis.

This explains why many of us have been able to eliminate allergies and skin reactions by working on sensory-epithelial and emotional awareness, communicating with the mind, reactivating each body system consciously.

Interestingly, Aur means skin in Hebrew, written with letter Ayin, while Aur written with Alef means Light. So when the book of Genesis tells the First Adam or fallen astral humanity got dressed with skin, it is revealed they lost their Light bodies, getting trapped in the dense bodies of planetary creatures. Therefore, it is "common sense" to recover them. And this begins by rethinking the body.

Therefore, the Dermic System must have its own sphere in what is known as Tree of Lives, and fits into the sphere of Beauty, Tifereth. It is there where we recognize the radiance of our Light Being. And obviously that means accepting us on a physical level as well.

That is why when there is absence of self-recognition and common sense esthetics appear, then fears, victimism, inferiority complexes arise, and the skin reflects all that in many ways, in all organs.

Let us us become aware of 12 vital fruits in the body.

                  The 12 Physiological Fruits

Waking up implies perceiving the Reality of the unitary Kosmos, where nothing is disconnected from Life. This was referred to as the Tree of Lives, although due to ignorance and dark influences, human traditions expressed it incompletely.

And a good way to start remembering it is by knowing our own physiology, since it reflects the Universal Body of Life.

Yeshou himself acknowledged he was an expression of the Way, the Truth, the Life and Serenity, all of which is the Universal Purpose emerging from the Seed Self, giving the whole Tree of Lives comes out, with a total of 12 fruits.

This is why there are 12 semitones in an octave; 12 faces in a dodecahedron, symbol of the kosmos; 12 nerves on the head brain; 12 nerves of the solar plexus…

All these are nets of communication, and the same goes for the 12 physiological systems.

Thus we can speak of 12 Semitones of Consciousness that lead to Physical Integral Conscience. Then we have Octaves of consciousness on the emotional and mental spheres as well.

Some Kabbalists tried to correlate the Sephirotic Tree with 11 physiological systems, but with certain flaws that can be solved, starting by admitting there are not 10 sefirotic spheres but 13, the seed containing the whole 12 fruit Life Tree.

Understanding this, one wondered what physiological system could fit into the sphere of the Cosmic Life Purpose, Telos in Greek or Ratzon in Hebrew. Then Light itself reminded me that medical physiology speaks of the Fascia, a surprising system that covers all muscles and organs, connecting the nervous system, with the organs and the skeletal muscle system. Physiologists and doctors consider it part of the musculoskeletal system; but there are therapies that treat it specifically, such as Rolfin. Therefore, the fascial tissue is comparable to the sphere of Light that links everything. Connecting and relating is the Universal Purpose of Life. Interestingly, tissue sounds almost like Yeshu or even Yeshua.

in Him all things hold together (Colossians 1:17)

This coincidence is already too much.

As for the Respiratory System, it would correspond to Keter, the Crown, which is the energy distribution, union of inner and outer.

This even matches Yitzak Gingsburg´s scheme [2], but with recent discoveries, some of the following changes should be made.

The Immune System would go in Jokmah (Wisdom), since white blood cells are produced in the bone marrow, reflecting protective action, the covering of our Primordial Origin, the One.

The whole Vascular System must correspond to Binah, the sphere of vital Understanding, associated with the blood.

The Lymphatic System fits well in the Sphere of Mercy, since Water cleanses impurities.

Of course, the Muscular System must belong to the sphere of the Force (Geburah). Not by coincidence muscles give us strength.

The Dermal System should go into the Sphere of Beauty, Tifereth. There we recognize the Beauty of our Being of Light, including the physical plane

In Netzaj (Victoria) we would have the Endocrine System, whose hormones (dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline...), help us have an adequate vital mood.

The Bone System must be located in Hod, associated with the splendorous structure of Kosmos.

The Reproductive System would go in Yesod, the Sphere of Fructification. And giving fruit is not just biological reproduction, but the formation of subtle light bodies to contain deeper vibrations.

And with these changes, the Excretory System should be seen as part of the Digestive System, not as an independent system, as medicine does.

In addition, each system can be grouped into triads, which would be like basic musical chords.

With these keys we can approach our understanding in a more conscious way. And the scheme would be as follows:
Ratzon / Telos (Vital Connection Purpose)
Fascial system or tissue that connects Nervous, Vascular and Musculoskeletal System
Keter (Distribution and Energy Management)
Respiratory System (Air, Lungs, Nasal Ducts)
Jokmah (Protective Wisdom)
Immune System (White Blood Cell, Skin, Mucous barriers)

Binah (Life Comprehension)
Circulatory-Vascular System (Blood, Blood vessels, Heart)

Da´at (Consciousness vs. Reptilian Knowledge)
Nervous System (Neocortex, Paleocortex, Reptilian Sensory-Motor)

Geburah (Strength)
Muscular System (Muscles, Cartilage, Tendons)

Jesed (Purifying Mercy)
Lymphatic System (Water, Vessels, Mucus)

Tifereth (Armonious Beauty)
Dermal or Integumentary System (Epidermis, Dermis, Adipose Tissue)

Hod (Structure)
Skeletal System (Periosteum, Endosteum, Marrow)

Netzaj (Success/Emotional Vitality)
Endocrine System (Glands, Hormones, Glandular Organs: Pancreas, Kidneys etc)

Yesod (Fructifying)
Reproductive System (Cells, Organs and Sexual Fluids)

Malchut (Digestion and Purification)
Digestive System (Digestive Tract, Pancreas / Liver, Small and Large Intestines)
Excretory System (Cutaneous, Urinary and Intestinal Tract)



[2] Correlations suggested by Gingsburg are: Keter with the Breath; Jokmah with Bone Marrow; Binah with the Blood; Jesed with Bone System; Geburah with Veins; Tifereth with Muscles, …Netzaj with Endocrine System; Hod with Immune System; Yesod with Reproductive  and Skin system; Maljut with Digestive system. Body, Mind and Soul: Kabbalah on Human Physiology, Disease and Healing. Yitzak