Friday, July 31, 2009

Struggle In The Soul

Humanity is going through the most important stage in the course of its existence. Our present time is marked by difficult global challenges which mirror a serius fork in the road. There are just two directions, two rivers. One goes up. The other goes down. And the way we choose depends on each one of us. It's a question of becoming really conscious human beings or degenerate into sub-human species.
The core of this difficult situation is the most ardent of the struggles, the internal one.
Be kind to all you meet for all are engaged in a life and death struggle (Plato). Not seeing it in ourselves means one is dead already and has succumbed to the dark side of the force. Darkness destroys, excludes and divides. Therefore, to become really conscious, darkness should never be avoided or feared, but rather included. Two poles interacting make light.
St.George's Dragon can never be destroyed. We all need to face our inner dragons: fears, repressed emotions and instincts. And winning means not succumbing to unconsciousness.
When an inner content is not made conscious, it happens outside as Fate (C.G.Jung).
All the destruction, scandals and aberrations that the criminal mass media displays with such a shameful morbosity is an explosive externalization of all the elements humans repress.
Therefore, the responsibility of not supporting darkness falls upon man. We carry the world upon our shoulders, like Atlas.

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