Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Other Side Of Sorrow

We usually remain prisoners in murky minds and grieved hearts. Yet, when a sharp but relaxed attention makes us receptive and free inwardly, a possibility exists for an enlightening shock of grace that makes us see further. A veil suddenly falls; a blissful serenity grows; our miseries don´t matter any more.
It happened several years ago, when a father and his son went to a music concert of the Scottish group Skyedance, in Madrid. At some point of that night, the fiddle player, Alasdair Fraser, recited a sublime poem called The Other Side of Sorrow by Sorley McLean. Then he took his fiddle and made it sing within the evanescent atmospheres that Paul Machlis played with an electric piano.
The whole pain of the world made sense and the truth of all we are shined by itself:

May everyone find the Cuillin.


OR Melling said...

Thank you for this. Beautiful. I have posted it on my blog. Another tireless seeker.

Fernando Humberto said...

Glad you found it inspiring. One more reminder for an inner journey.