Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inner Requiem

The Winter afternoon is cold but very bright. The sun shines in all its glory. Meanwhile, a man walks on a park, feeling fresh air on his hands and face, immersed in some reflections. After a long stroll, he sits on a rock to rest and lets all tensions go, listening to all around, enjoying the body's  natural breath, the sunlight, the quiet presence of trees and birds...The mental fist disolves...A deep silence breaks the Maya...A realization takes place....He's not a body, not a man, but an openness that includes All; nobody is listening; everything is listening. What a relief! The bundle of the past is gone. Nothing to gain. Nothing to loose. Nothing to fear. Nothing to desire...A perfect moment, timeless...

Mind alone, delusion; emotions alone, wild horses; body alone, weakness. Isn't this inner separation the very same illusion of Time, what makes us identified with the waves in an ocean, trapped in a mind that thinks "I´m this", "I´m that", "this cannot last", "I have to do this... do that"; a mind that tries to grasp what cannot be grasped, carrying too much "me", "mine" and "I"?

Can we really be all at once, even if it's just in a few daily actions?. What a difficult task!...How complicated we make things. How many painful turns we take in life; how many distractions we cultivate in order to find the wholeness that lies everywhere and nowhere at the same time, suspended in eternity, like that sublime piece Gabriel Fauré brought more than a century ago, for a "Requiem" that really ends as a new beginning, a new Life.

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Edward said...

A truly sublime piece of music, and a nice meditation to go along with it. I just came across your blog a few days ago (while googling Peter Kingsley) and will be following it!