Friday, December 21, 2012

Inner Alignment

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The Winter Solstice has arrived and this time it brings a curious  event that may perfectly be interpreted as a point of reference for the inner work. 
From an astronomical point of view, thirty six years are approximately the time our sun is taking to cross –not literally– the famous Dark Rift or central region of the Milky Way Galaxy  –an event that only happens every 26.000 years (a Great Platonic Year)Such a central bulge, visible to the naked eye on a non-contamined night sky, was venerated by many ancient cultures, for reasons we are not ready to understand fully yet. 
The galactic centre seems to be what the Hindu and Judeo-Christian traditions referred to as Throne of God, source of powerful influences that regulates the clock of Cosmic Eras, as the great Sage Swami Sri Yukteswar explained in his work The Holy Science. 
According to that Clock, our entire solar system already left a dark Cosmic Winter and is presently returning towards its star-counterpart, experiencing a Cosmic Autumn (Bronze Age for the Greeks). 
Interestingly enough, our sun has appeared to be aligned to the galactic centre for more than a decade now, and it will continue thus for several years. During the present Solstice the sun even dances in alignment with the "exact centre". Now, it should be noticed that the "factual, literal closest point" to the galactic centre wouldn´t be reached until several thousands of years in the future, when our star system meets its counterpart again, according to Yukteswar.
Right now we seem to be "in the middle of the road". And whether or not the present alignment implies some type of magnetic influence related to the Solar Cycle, it anticipates our essential Destiny. So, it may be seen as a reminder of our connection to the Source. And what a better way of doing it than by listening to our silent heart? 
In the Sufi Order Mevlevi, the dervishes swirl and swirl like galaxies, until a higher force takes control of their bodies and their consciousness merges with the "mysterious centre of gravity". 
Something similar happens by playing deep music and listening to it in a proper state of receptivity, as an act of prayer:

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