Thursday, May 15, 2014

Being is somehow Non-Being

This feeling of first it was just nothing. Neither pleasant, nor unpleasant; just nothing, and nothing is nothing. It was perplexing and I kept running away, I remember. A human being is never “nothing”. One is alive, one is an entity, a being. But lately it becomes increasingly lovely. Deep happiness welling from Him (the One), from the deepest depth...Also at home when I think of Him it comes over me...soft...gentle. A bliss of non-being, not existing at all. It is difficult to believe, unless one has experienced it, that is so glorious not to be. (Irina Tweedie, in her Diary: Daughter of Fire, p.690).
Aren´t there moments of utter relaxation and serenity in which we don´t feel the need to be “something”: not a body, not a person, not a wish, not longing...Doesn´t Love shine naturally then?
Kabbalah, Vedanta and other traditions teach how spiritual progress happens by conquering five layers of being, from the physical to the vital to the emotional to the mental to the causal, each containing the previous. And at some point the wayfarer starts experiencing more regularly and steadily a profound loving serenity, what can only happen from what the Vedantines call Anandamayo-kosha, the causal body of Bliss (Ananda). But even that, is not the Ultimate Reality, for it is still an object the soul is aware of. 
The Divine Essence is always beyond and beyond. As Irina herself said once, spiritual evolution is a spiral journey in which we go around and around the One, deeper and deeper. 
Hence it´s referred to by mystics as Non-Being. Paradoxically, it also lies everywhere, embracing every stage and every state on the Way, reason why Parmenides and other spiritual titans speak simply of Being. The goddess of his poem says the Truth is simple: there is only Being, and there is not Non-Being.
As we can see, words are not so important. Only Reality is.
Who in the world can understand this? The conceptual mind cannot, for sure. What about the Heart?

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