Saturday, November 1, 2014

Why Hearts Cry

In moments of pain and despair, the cry of the heart becomes more sincere and it can thus reach the ears of Divine Essence, which is in need of Attention in itself through us, for our hearts are in Its Heart:

Maharaj, why did God created this world full of troubles? Why did he created me to endure all those sufferings?

[...] "Why has he created the world? That you should be in it. Why has he created you? He is alone; He needs you".

–Bhai Sahib replying to Irina Tweedie, collected in her diary Daughter Of Fire, p.800

Text 2:

When love reveals its real nature we come to know that there is neither lover nor Beloved. There is no one to pray and no one to pray to. We do not even know that we are lost; we return from these states of merging knowing only that we gave our self and were taken. Our gift of our self was accepted so completely that we knew nothing of the encounter. 

But when we return from this merging of oneness, when the mind again surrounds us, we can see the footprints that led us to this shore, to the place where the two worlds meet. We can tell stories of the journey that led us to the edge of the heart’s infinite ocean, of the nights we called out, and the tears we cried in our calling, of our need that was for so many years all that we knew, a need born of the despair of separation, the deepest despair known to the soul.

This need was our first prayer, planted in the soul by the One who loves us, who wants us. This need of the soul is the bond of love, the mystic’s pledge to remember God. We awaken to this remembrance with the knowledge of our forgetfulness, the experience of separation. We are made to experience that we are separate from our Beloved, that we have forgotten Him. This experience brings into consciousness our soul’s need to return Home, to journey from separation to union. The first prayer is the sigh in the soul, the reed flute’s lament that it has been torn from the reed-bed and longs to return.

[...] As we walk homeward, often going one step backwards for every two we go forward, our Beloved comes to meet us. And for every step we make towards love, love makes ten towards us.  At first we do not know this, so great is the apparent distance between us. But one day we realize that the desolation is no longer there. There is a sense of peace that has arrived unnoticed; the wind is not bitter and cold but soft. 

–Lewellyn Vaughan Lee, Prayer of The Heart in Christian and Sufi Mysticism, Chapter: The Circle of Love–

Text 3:

Everything, without exception, all sound logic as well as all historical data, reveal and affirm that God represents absolute goodness; He is all-loving and all-forgiving. He is the just pacifier of all that exists.

At the same time why should He, being as He is, send away from Himself one of His nearest, by Him animated, beloved sons, only for the "way of pride" proper to any young and still incompletely formed individual, and bestow upon him a force equal but opposite to His own? . . . I refer to the "Devil."

This idea illuminated the condition of my inner world like the sun, and rendered it obvious that in the great world for the possibility of harmonious construction there was inevitably required some kind of continuous perpetuation of the reminding factor.

For this reason our Maker Himself, in the name of all that He had created, was compelled to place one of His beloved sons in such an, in the objective sense, invidious situation.

Therefore I also have now for my small inner world to create out of myself, from some factor beloved by me, an alike unending source. 

There arises now a question like this:

What is there contained in my general presence which, if I should remove it from myself, would always in my various general states be reminding me of itself?

–G.I.Gurdjieff, from Prologue in Life is Real only then when I Am–

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