Wednesday, January 7, 2015

To Let Go is To Forgive

Our false mind and heart always wants to be right, clinging to ideas of “you” and “I”, pleasant and unpleasant, wrong or right. And yet that is a chance to live a brighter Heart-Mind where one observes and lets go of tensions, unveiling that true common Being in which we are free and love without condition.
And this is indeed an act of forgiving ourselves and the world. As Peter Russell writes in his web:
The conventional understanding of forgiveness is of some absolution or pardon–something along the lines, "I know you did wrong, but I’ll overlook it this time." But the original meaning of forgiveness is very different. The ancient Greek word for "forgiveness", is aphesis, meaning "to let go." When we forgive another we let go of the judgments we may have projected onto them. We release them from all our interpretations and evaluations, all our thoughts of right or wrong, of friend or foe.
Instead we see that here is another human being caught up in their own illusions about themselves and the world around them. Like us, they feel the need for security, control, recognition, approval, or stimulus. They too probably feel threatened by people and things that prevent them finding fulfillment. And, like us, they sometimes make mistakes. Yet, behind all these errors, there is another child of God simply looking for peace of mind.

May we all have an insightful 2015.

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