Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Divine Trinity is Relation

Raimon Panikkar (1918-2010)

If there was someone that reconciled mysticism, comparative religion and theology, bringing down all barriers, being himself the example, that was Raimon Panikkar, whose message is a legacy that moves us to break all schemes with foundation. Here we have some of his phrases:

Religion without mysticism is ideology.

The great epidemy of the present world is superficiality.

A religion which does not religate, which does not unite, is not a religion but superstition.

The three great religions, judaism, christianity and islam are not religions of the book, but of word. 

True Christianity is not against any religion. We don´t look for the unity among religions but harmony among religions.

I went to India as a Christian, I discovered myself as a Hindu and went back to Spain as a Buddhist, without ceassing to be Christian.

God is a symbol, not a concept. If we think of God as a supreme entity we turn it into an idol. God is Trinity, and Trinity is relation. But there are no three separate substances. Trinity is the relation of everything with everything.

The Divine Trinity can´t be grasped. It is immanence in transcendence and transcendence in immanence.

The idea of an omnipotent God is a wrong translation of Pantocrator, which is the divine force that acts from within everything.

Knowledge without love is mere calculus. Love without knowledge is sentimentalism. And physical love is mere animality. Wisdom is then to reconcile love with knowledge, for they are divorced. 

Little can be added to these wise words. Suffice to remember that in these times of great contradictions and confusion, if one wants to be really awake, one should avoid succumbing to the play of opposites, the battle of good against evil, delusion and reality. There is not a supreme state of enlightenment, nor a separate Supreme Entity that governs from "the heights", nor gods who rule wickedly over mankind... 

In the same way, to pretend to be like a god or receive a Supreme Good without deserving it, derives from the selfish pride that caused the fall of humanity, which still believes the devil is outside, when it always lied indide.

It is essential to overcome the weak beliefs of the mind, sources of unnecessary suffering. 


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