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The Divine Feminine and Masculine

The lack of understanding concerning the union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine is at the root of all the violence, religion wars and sexual obsessions which turn people into zombies, meat for Kali, the Goddess of Destruction.

Here lies one of the keys that keep a separation between the East and West, both faces of One Truth.

In mystic traditions and Eastern religions the attention gravitates towards the Female side of Reality: the Void, Wisdom, Consciousness, Compassion and Longing, while in the exoteric dimension of the three monotheist religions –Judaism, Christianity and Islam–, the emphasis lies on the male side: the Will of the Father and the guidance of the Son-Prophet, both of which are absolutely inaccesible without the mediation of the feminine

In the early Nazarene tradition the Holy Spirit was  symbolized by a Dove [Mark 1:8-10], and known in Hebrew as Ruaj ha Kodesh, Spirit of Holiness, which unites masculine and feminine. 

Such Spirit of Union enabled Jesus and the apostles to perform miracles, healing people with their hands. Technically speaking it is Divine Love, an inspiring force carried by the Shekinah, the feminine presence of God. And it works as reconciliation of two opposite parts, bringing something new. For instance, without union of positive and negative poles there is no Light; without interaction of ovum and sperm, there´s no baby; without accord between two parts there´s no agreement.

Only the Holy Spirit can help to create and leads us to its source, which is the Master Logos-Son and the Will of the Father.

It is no coincidence that Mary Magdalene appears as the first in seeing Christ resurrected in the Gospels, which are true Wisdom manuals when studied properly.

Their Divine Teaching is the same received by great prophets, and it lies emphasis on marrying the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine to give birth the Divine Son-Daughter.

As we saw three months ago in the analysis of Lord´s Prayer, the female component of divinity is already in the first sentence: 

Father who art in Heaven (shmaym) 


Father who dwells in the Spirit and Waters of the Mother.

Shmaym is comprised of Shin (Fire of Spirit) and Maym (Waters). 

Nazarene tradition teaches that the Eternal One hides  out of humility, sacrificing all egoism, leaving a Virgin Void or Womb of Waters where its Will or infinite Goodness, gets reflected.

Both aspects engender an Ocean of Light that integrates the Universal Mind [Logos-Christ] and his Holy Spirit, the Fire of Life and Wisdom represented by Mary Magdalene, Sophía.

Following the inner meaning of the the Book of Genesis, mystics and even Fathers of the Pauline Church such as Philip and Valentinus, pointed that the Heavens (Shamaym) are the feminine Spirit-Waters in which our luminous seed spirits [ruajim in Hebrew, logoi spermatikoi in Greek] are stored before receiving garment-forms in the Garden.

The loving Light of the Spirit is what all seed spirits contemplate in our root of Plenitude (Pleroma), before descending into the Soul and from there into a physical body.

A process described in the first two chapters of the book of Genesis.

And the Spirit [Ruaj] of Elohym moved upon the Face [Panym] of the Waters [Mayim].

Curiously, all words in this phrase are feminine, even Elohym, which would be literally translated as Potencies, whose numeric value is 86, the same of Teba, Nature.

Thus we understand why the first Nazarene and Katholic Christians regarded Mary's Womb and the Holy Spirit was as important as the Father Will and the Light of Christ.

Famous is the prayer Holy Mary, Mother [God] of God [Son-Daughter].

Thanks to the Divine Mothers, the Eternal One can see itself mirrored in the Ocean and its finest condensation, humans, called to be its "holy eyes".

Hence Santa Teresa could say that God is even found  in kitchen pots and pans.

In God [Mother] we live, move and have our being –Acts 17:28

All is born within the silent Womb or Void pointed by Siddharta Gautama the Awakened, who sees the Nature of Buddha everywhere, even in a dog and a rock, because everything is empty and full of light we never see:

Emptiness is Form and Form is Emptiness –Heart Sutra

All is vanity –Ecclesiastes I

And by becoming aware of the impermanence of all things and how the beloved ones disappear in the Void, Wisdom and Compassion are born, as feminine understanding, as that described by Saint Therese of Avila in her work The Inner Castle.

Humble and compassionate Wisdom leads to the purification of body, mind and heart, which is the Baptism of Water, popularized by Essenes like John the Baptist.

If purification is not interrupted, one experiences a second birth (John 3:5) of the Soul [ruaj in Hebrew, psyche in Greek].

She is the point of contact with the feminine Fire of Holy Spirit –Ruach ha Kodesh–, which guides our lives towards the Son and the Father.

In dreams she sends us archetypical images and by day offers glimpses to an ever-present infinite goodness:

And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying: Abba, Father –Gal 4:6

If the evolution proceeds, Soul-Consciousness, moved by the Fire or Holy Spirit, becomes a Bride (Nukhva) of the Son-Prophet:

In that day, declares the Lord, you will call me 'my husband' (Ishi); you will no longer call me 'my master (Baali) – Oshea 2:16 

This was the original Nazarene-Christian doctrine.

Therefore, let´s stop thinking that God is a hidden Bearded Entity living who knows where.

The Divine Father and Son are too much for those whose heart and mind cannot even feel the Soul-Consciousness, which cries in every "sadness" and "depression".

The Goddess in all her aspects is the necessary starting point; although it needs the support of attention, disciplined will and discernment, masculine qualities.

And if a person is still immature and indolent, the biological parents or a mentor can mirror the role of Prophet and celestial Father-Mother. 

As for the Absolute One, it always remains unmanifest, being neither Father nor Mother, neither Son nor Daughter, but All and Nothing at the same time. Hence it is all-encompassing, ab-solute, from solitude

Nothing happens without Him, nor does anything occur without the Will of the Father. But his Will is incomprehensible –Gospel of Truth (Valentinus)

We, finite beings, can only speak in the field of relative truths.

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