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Life Purpose

There are those who say that to wonder about the why and for what of life and its paths is a waste of time. But the truth is that without solving these questions, the what, or rich essence of reality will always remain hidden before our eyes.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find why.
 –Mark Twain–

The purpose of life is to find your gift.
The work of life is to develop it.
The meaning of life is to give your gift away.
–David Viscott, psychoatrist–

Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only gift is a portion of thyself. Thou must bleed for me. Therefore the poet brings his poem; the shepherd, his lamb; the farmer, corn; the miner, a stone; the painter, his picture; the girl, a handkerchief of her own sewing

For I know the plans I have for you, declares de Lord [of Light, Yhwh], plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope
–Jeremiah 29:11–

If you bring forth what is within you [seed/potential], what you have will save you. If you have nothing within you, what you do not have within you will kill you 
–Yeshua, Logion 70 in Gospel of Thomas–[1]  

All in life has its goal, its telos, in which each being is whole. 

Life, plenitude, light, eternity and salvation from the painful chaos is what awaits he who manages to find the way to develop inner potential and divine purpose.

The question is, what is that potential and how can one walk on it when innumerable negative influences deviate and sink us down constantly?

Yeshua said:
If you do not know yourselves,
then you dwell in poverty and
are poverty.

One who knows all but lacks within
is utterly lacking
–Logions 3 and 67, Gospel of Thomas–

However, to know oneself and grow can be very tricky if the keys are not known.

It´s not enough to wish for goodness and happiness. Many religions and philosophies of life claim to look for those qualities and the result is often a void, hate or indifference towards those who do not think the same.

It´s not a question of following new age dictums such as: do what you like; follow your bliss; go with the Flow...

Who can guarantee that what we usually like is really going to bring more development and happiness? What if such taste is a socially acquired conditioning and the voice of the inmost being? What if a lack of connection with the intimate I Am makes the flow of life to take us where we do not belong?

The world is full of seeds that never develop, as told in the Parable of the Sower.

Therefore it´s necessary a complete vision of Life to know and understand without unuseful twists and superficiality of institutional religious.

The Word is transmitted by the Divine Mind through prophets, messengers from all the world and our personal life hints.

And in the Book of Genesis, the Torah/Instruction hands down that he who runs away from darkness pursuing the goods of this world - i.e, pleasures, nice things, and even moral goodness, does not eat from the Tree of Life, but from the Tree of Good and Evil, and thus ends up worse than the first Adam.

Fat cows are always devoured by the thin ones, as in the dream of the pharao, interpreted by Yosef in the Biblical tale (Genesis 41).

Only God is good, taught Yeshua (Mark 10:18), and the Supreme can´t be seen, smelled nor touched. 

But its Word of Light and Life can reach us in each breath.

Religious morals and ethics pursue the good and achieve the opposite, division and war, for they are usually not vivified by the Word of Life.

How can one receive Life to be whole?

The Word of Life speaks of balancing and embracing opposites. Life is to be lived in all its details:

There is a time for everything, a time to be born, and a time to die, and a time to plant... (Ecclesiastes 3)

By embracing life with equanimity, we get enough vitality to restrict the mechanical tendency to excessive pleasures that steal Light, and this balance helps the Fire (Shin) of Intelligence to heat/cook our emotional vital Waters (Mayim), giving as result vapor, Spirit (Ruaj), pure light, and thus, Shamayim, the Heavens on Earth, inside oneself, joining spirit with emotional soul.

Hence it was said:

he who is not born from Water and Spirit cannot enter the Kingdom of God (John 3:5) 

And this can only be achieved by starting with physical balance.

In fact, the modern idea that the human being has three brains which must be harmonized to live the wellbeing of peace/rest in the first brain, gratefulness in the second brain, high intelligence and loving compassion in the two hemispheres of the third brain, is already expressed in the Old and New Testament.

The equilibrium of the reptilian-motor system, the emotional limbic system and the intelligence of the neocortex is what helps us marry the Eternal Being in life, making us fully human, and not just hominoids with a cross-wired brain.

Inspiring the Purpose
Now, in former times, this Teaching of Life had to be presented in a digestible form due to an incapacity of the hominoid sapiens to receive it in other form than fables and symbols.

Thus, Moses had to break the tablets that contained living Wisdom of the first times (Deuteronomy 32), and received a veiled Torah/Instruction, full of allegories, anagogical views and kabalisitc formulas that very few want to understand.

Buddha and his parables were equally misinterpreted many times, and from his teaching came different partial and sectarian visions.

As for Yeshua, he still had to express himself in parables, which he explained to his faithful followers (Mark 4:34), in order to protect the Instruction and make it accesible only to those who have pure ears and hearts:

so that they may indeed see but not perceive, and may indeed hear, but not understand, lest they should turn and be forgiven (Mark 4:12 / Isaiah 6:9 ESV)

Ignoring such Instruction of Life is what led to form systems of beliefs that presupose the human being is still image of God, and that it is enough to focus on mantrams, rituals and dogmas.

But history has proved that parafernalia does not transform nor helps us to fulfill the true Human purpose, otherwise today we would see dozens of Yeshuas and Buddhas, and less wild hominoid mammals.

It´s interesing to notice that the areas of the planet in which poverty and disease are rampant, are also where superstition and dogmas are more rooted, sustaining the painful situation, which is used by institutions to reassure their power and wealthiness.

Equally sad is to see that spiritually horfan people seek priests, pastors and other gurus to fill a void, and at the same time they run for the psychoatrist, the doctor or the life coach, –just in case–, what hardly palliates the disease and painful void.

Obviously, the homo sapiens is very far from what should be, and that makes us all tremendously unhappy.

Yet, we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose [of Life] (Romans 8:28 ESV)

So, in a certain sense, everything happens as it should happen, so long as we are connected to the main Life purpose, without rejecting anything.

Many have tried to synthesize teachings to bring a holistic picture of Life, picking up crumbs here and there. Yet  this does not guarantee completeness, clarity and effectiveness.

Now it remains to re-unite Old and New Testament as two complementary pieces, using the Key of Knowledge (Luke 11:52 ESV) in the light of Aramaic (Mesopotamic) and Hebrew roots, as well as in the Light of other traditions.

By joining the masculine and feminine sides of the Scriptures, without religious prejudices, we see an emerging integral view which does not exist in mainstream Judaism –be it rabbinic or messianic–, nor in the rocky Church world, and other horfan movements

However, a greater dose of more understanding can satisfy all, bringing pieces together, transcending all sectarian tendencies, seeing all teachings without conflict, as part of the same Tree

Everyone has some piece of the truth, but nobody has the whole Truth. There is something greater that defies our still limited understanding and is calling out to be discovered.

According to the great rabbi Hillel (I B.C), the whole Torah rests on the Golden Rule, presented in Leviticus 19:18: You shall love your neighbour as yourself. I am the Lord (Yhwh).

But how many were able to fulfill it, specially on enemies? 

The Golden Rule was mostly exemplified by Yeshua (Mathew 22:39), who risked all he could, giving his life to teach those who belong to and seek for the Eternal Being to manifest gifts in Life.

And obviously, the wish to do the same is not enough. One must know how or at least be inspired.

According to the inspired Torah, loving an enemy or obstacle is  getting rid of a double problem, becoming more intelligent. 

And it´s not so much for the enemy, as for the inner sun, which shines upon all and grows by illuminating darkness.

The adversary can even be a mirror, hinting at what we should rectifiy in ourselves

Without grodge and hate one gets happier and wiser:

Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to turn away from evil is understanding (Job 28:28 ESV)

Many aspects of the Torah/Instruction helped the tribes of Israel to become one of the most prosperous and powerful cultures of antiquity, triggering great envy, but when they perverted the view of the Name, YHWH (Ezekiel 36:22), they got scattered all over the earth, and were unable to recognize the Mind-Heart of the Messiah inside, committing adultery with surrogates that remain to this day.

By contrast, the Nazarene christians of the first centuries understood something deep and were able –without violence– to threat the Roman Empire, which eventually had to persecute and exterminate them in order to stop the unprecedented revolution. 

A process that led to the conversion of many weak hearts to pagan idolatry of Rome, starting with Marcus, from whose initiative derived the churches that fostered wars, murdered and threw the Instruction through the sewage.

How did the first Nazarene christians make a difference? How were they able to heal the blind and crippled with their own hands transforming the masses? Why we no longer see men of such kind?

Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me, will also do the works that I do (John 14:12 ESV)

They didn´t obey leaders of flesh, nor bowed down before physical or mental idols, but followed the I am, the divine particle of Son of God that dwelled inside them, the same I am that guided Moses (Exodus 3:14-15).

And they were able to do it because they knew very well the Instruction of Life without veil, and they understood the meaning of sanctifying inwardly the four levels of the Name, YHWH, cabalistic formula which stands for the four worlds of Light: world emanation, mental world of creation, emotional world of formation and physical world of action (see Isaiah 43).

By understanding how Light manifests in our body, there is no need to perform witchcraft, shouting religious names and invoking superheroes –something still practiced nowadays, in very comic ways. 

In Hebrew, invoking the Name is a state of being, a vibration, not shouting labels for piety or religious propaganda.

The Nazarene model was a Man that embodied the I Am fully, manifesting the plenitude of divinity on earth (Colossians 2).

This does not mean Yeshua was the Supreme in itself –which is the All unmanifested–, but the incarnation of its Light of Life (John 14), the cosmic Son of Man or Christ/Messiah, as described in the Scriptures.

The Scriptures never talk about the Supreme but only about the divine attributes, functions or qualities of its Light/Radiance/Love and its relation to the world.

In John 1:51 the Son of Man is equated with Jacob´s Ladder (Genesis 28), and thus the Mediator Tree of Life and all its energies of Love and Justice.

Paul described Christ as image of the invisible God (Colossians 1:15), radiance of his glory (Hebrews 1) and form of God (Philipians 2:6), which resemble the qualities of the Adam Kadmon or Primordial Man mentioned in the Bahir and of the Son of Yah described in the Zohar.

We also have the view of the Ancient of Days and his human like Son, in Daniel 7, source of this picture. 

Hence the apostle John identifies the incarnation of the Son of Man with the Logos or Divine Mind made flesh, and the First-Begotten, Monogenés, adding:

No one [oudéis] has ever seen God [Supreme Unmanifested]; the only God [Light-Mind], who is at the side of the Father [in the Light-head of Primordial Adam, first manifested power], he has made him known (John 1:18 ESV) 

More precisely: the head of every man is Christ/Mashiaj [Mind-Heart-I Am], the head of a wife (emotions) is her husband (mind), and the head of Christ is God [Father, Ancient of Days] (1 Corinthians 11:3).

In the heavens of heavens, the Light-Son is still the Son, begotten by the Boundless Light of the Ancient of Days, but Cause (Father), Master, Messiah and Husband in relation to this physical world, since He is the Light which contains the soul-seeds of this world, meant to be born inside it, once it is formed and made; He is also identified as beginning and end, alfa and omega, and thus plays the function of divine guide inside humans.

This unity is expressed in the Shema (Deut 6:4)

Listen Israel, Yhwh Elohym (cosmic light powers) and YHWH (Light substance) are in Unity (ejad).

Therefore, neither Father and Son should be confused with the Supreme Unmanifested or Absolute, which is the Cause of all causes, i.e, All we cannot think of and Nothing we can think of, without beginning nor end, Unknowable in itself.

Not knowing these distinctions led many to believe the Father and the Son are two entities, rather than "two functions-levels-attributes of the Light"; Will and Mind are as two layers of the same Flame, or as Sufies say, quoting the Koran (Sura 69), Light upon Light.  

Hence the words of the Master Son of Man:

I and the Father are one (John 10:30)

On the other hand: 

There is the Son of Man and the Son (human soul) of the Son of Man (Gospel of Philip)

One cannot reach the Father directly, by trying to do commandments, which is like a cell of the liver trying to become a neuron by performing her natural activities

The Law without the Grace of Spirit is impossible to practice entirely and its transgression kills (Jacob/James 2:14).

I am the Way, the Truth and Life. Nobody comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6 ESV)

Unfortunately, most movements and institutional churches not only do not study themselves with the Scriptures, but regard the Father-Son as a sort of external idol-superhero apart from the mind, and wait "passively" for Him, which may even be "romantic", but also useless, for it hinders inner development and brings much pain in the long term.

Father and Son should only be depicted with educative purposes, but never as an idol-image to be worshiped, what violates the second commandment: you shall not make for yourself a carved image or any likeness of anything that is in the heavens shall not worship them (Exodus 20).

Yeshua never did such a thing. Hence his sermon with the Samaritan woman (John 2:22).

Another ancient idea present in Hebrew Wisdom is that the fragmented body-soul of the Son of Man is scattered, waiting to be manifested in human hearts.

and when he had given thanks, he broke it, and said: this is my body which is for you (1 Cor 11:24 ESV)

The human purpose is to let such spark unfold and be again Image of the Cosmic Man, that is, to mirror the attributes of YHWH (Light Will, Mind, Heart in Divine Body. In other words, to become mini Yhwh´s, as Yeshua was able to accomplish, incarnating the Christ, which is living and crystallized Light.

Yeshua himself, quoting Psalm 82:6, manifested: Is it not written on you Law: I said you are gods? (John 10:34 ESV)

 Fallen and drunken gods...we should add.

Curiously, even Thomas Aquinas seemed to catch a bit:

The Begotten One of God, wanting to make us participate in his divinity, adopted our nature, so that, by becoming Man, he could turn humans into gods (Oficium of Corpus Festivity, Maitines, first Nocturn, Lecture 1). 

Nowadays, the Messianic movements, running away from horfan Christianity, suggest that Yeshua was the living Torah.

And despite they are somehow right, in the end many fail to recognize the unveiled Torah, ignoring the Christ/Mashiaj inwardly.

Unfortunately, this leads to repeat past errors.

According to Messianic movements, the first Nazarenes would be idolaters if they accepted the divinity of the Messiah. Thus, they prefer to turn their head away and deny Nazarenes held such view. But the New Testament is very clear.

Are the Human and divinity really incompatible? 

Truly, the Human is divine in its own right, so long as it incarnates the fourfold levels of the Name, becoming thus Image of Cosmic Adam, as the first Adam before the fall.

But, once more, the mistake lies on thinking we are already human, when in reality we harldly behave like dressed chimpanzees with a brain we don´t know how to use. The crocodrile eats the lion and both the lamb, since the Son of Man has nowhere to lie his head (Matthew 8:20 ESV).

To unfold the inner divinity has nothing to do with self-idolatry but with eliminating any trace of animality, balancing the brain, participating in Life by means of the blood/spirit of the Light Son, which comes to rescue and guide us in every moment, helping us make the right choices.

Without lucid decisions, we won´t be able to live happily in fullness, no matter what we do; we will be  poor physically and spiritually. 

Hence the importance of studying the brain and the Scriptures together, without veils nor sectarian dogmas.

If nothing impedes it, in the next article we will see how Law and Grace go hand in hand, contrary to the overspread belief.

For those who understand Spanish, there are excellent lessons on the Nazarene-Christian view of the Torah in [3].

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