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A look from the Origin

Harmonic Chant from Tuva. Chirgilchin.

The Divine Name is the Fundamental Vibration of Undivided Light and its harmonics, not the personal Deity name of a specific belief system.

The sublime beauty of the Supreme vibrates in the octaves where nobody gives a damn about the difference between my religion and your religion, my truth and your truth, my God and your God, you and me, good and evil.

In the fundamental state of Being, there is only I Am Plenitude in unicity with all the rest, like that sustained note under the changing harmonies that express its richness.

The vision of the Divine One is nothing else than feeling His presence in ourselves and everything around us, because the Divine One is everything permeated by the Spirit and impregnates the entire universe. The manifested worlds are not different from Him because they are only His own expression in terms of name and form (Swami Ramdas)

And as the science cymatics shows, to each vibration corresponds a form.

Which is the other side of every form?

A blissful quietness, an echo of the Infinite, free from the contingent natural phenomena and the limited beliefs of planetary cultures.

Yet how easy is to forget who we are when we let ourselves be deceived by the whispers of this dark world we temporally inhabit.

I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world (John 17:15-16, ESV)

Therefore, it´s worth remembering that loving from our true Being –and not from the anesthetized acquired personality–, makes us not creatures nor objects, but eternal spiritual beings living varied "human experiences", inhabiting mortal creatures, and trapped in them since thousands of years ago, due to the stubborn insistence in darkness, bypassing the obvious.

But it´s time to wake up, since we are already seated on celestial places (Ephesians 2:4), and our essential mission is to illumine all the darkness proyected by our own undiscovered Light.

Evil does not exist in itself but only as a shadow of what is not revealed, it´s ignorance of the Infinite Heart.

By illumining our shadows, we become capable of receiving the greatness, happiness and freedom that the ineffable Infinite One grants us without asking anything in return.

Complaining, accusing and blaming us, others or the circumstances for the own miseries is not in tune with our true Being.

It´s not very clever either to expect love and recognition from others, not even from a partner and parents, which are just a faint echo of the Celestial Parents, whose rays are our own eternal souls. 

What is the point of looking for the plenitude of happiness outside when it´s already present in our Being?

All we need, even Knowledge, is carried by our Soul in the form of a rarely opened gift.

And if it seems we receive from the outside it´s because we ignore we are simply remembering and perceiving the reflections of inner richness. Likes perceived like.

There is nothing wrong in experiencing personal relationships, joy, sadness, sickness, adventures, traumas, politics, religions, long as we don´t get trapped in them. 

These are just "vital impressions" to help us understand, mature and remember who we are, and thus unfold all the luminous potential, becoming independent and responsible.

If we were really able to feed on vital impressions, a single lifetime would be enough to mature; we would need less solid food, and would be nurtured on all levels. 

Assimilating this in the present Age of Knowledge and Understanding is essential. Old schemes no longer work.

There´s no point in insisting on the old paths of self inflicted pain, torture, guilt and sin, which were introduced by darkness, blurring the clear vision of reality.

Being already free in celestial places, many still feel guilty, angry with themselves, not being able to fulfill the promise they made before incarnating–something we rarely remember.

But who can blame and judge if not ourselves?

We already know human evolution has been sabotaged by parasites. And so what? Isn´t that an opportunity to illumine and feed on Light?

Many discharge their frustration in the form of hate, violence or atheism, which is really an unconscious hate towards the Creator, since there is no such a thing as a fully conscious atheist, for in moments of extreme pain, even atheists pray to heaven or some god. 

Such hate is particularly intense in some of the unredeemed sparks of solar intelligence that stopped in their evolution, governed by the electromagnetic forces of the physical world.

These are symbolically known as fallen angels, since these are solar and planetary energy incorporated into the human genome.

Thus, these atoms of solar light –also known as Lucifer– gave rise to an immature mix of animality and reason, remaining in exile since long ago to learn a lesson. And despite these teach arts and sciences ever since, to make humanity evolve –as Prometheus–, they still become trapped in modern human bodies, unable to find the way back to the Source. What proves the fire of reason is not enough to be free of mind traps.

However, the truth is for everyone the same:

The mind alone is one´s friend as well as one´s enemy (Bagavad Gita, Ch VI, 5)

Darkness remains deeply established in all sectarian movements, even in the form of religious ecumenism (from the Greek oikúmene, the inhabited and conquered land), the old politics of the Roman Empire, oriented to "unify folks" under a single flag and belief system in order to keep them under control.

Ecumenism does not acknowledge that a Christian can be Jew or Buddhist, or the other way around. 

Sadly, ecumenical views do not see the equal truth in other religions of beliefs systems, but only in those that are alike. 

Hence interreligous dialogue is often used as disguise of a quiet intolerance. Tolerance and respect are often a pretext to convert others or coexist in relative peace, because, as we can see all over, there is often prevalence of "my religion is the true one and the best", "my God is the only truth"...

Of course, this is not the case in mystic-experiential views, where the Way of the Awakened One or Buddha is compatible with the Way of Christ and Krishna, and speaking of the Matrix Nature of Elohym is as much as talking about the workings of Allah. 

I am the beginning, middle and end of all beings–Bagavad Gita 10:20

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and end, the first and the last–Revelation 22.

All sacred words referring to aspects of the Universal Mind or Logos that guide or deceive us all, depending on the content of our mind and hearts; and also harmonic codes for those who can decipher them.

Sacred texts themselves are the evidence of this. 

Even the very word catholic, from the Greek katholikós (universal), relates to the Sanskrit ketu loka, cosmic/univeral leader.

Very few know that the true Katholicism that re-emerged in the I century A.D –before being perverted by the Roman Empire–, is a universalism that exists from prehistoric times, manifested in cultures of Central Asia and India, whose texts talk about a first divine humanity as Krishtayas, who seeded higher genes to regenerate mankind and enable the incarnation of saints and messiahs [3].

True Katholicism never had the intention of imposing a single faith or institutional religion, since all religions are only pieces of a Greater Truth.

True Christianity is not against any religion. We don´t look for the unity of religions but for the harmony between religions (Raimon Panikkar).

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Kristos Iesous (Galatians 3:28).

This is why it is said the Apostles spoke in languages–not exactly like the girl from The Exorcist. No, it simply means they left behind the Babelian confusion of the tongues that had been established by dark magicians, power possessors, who since remote times explote Knowledge with selfish aims, enslaving the masses against the intention of universalist cultures, as that codified in the name Abraham, who opposed the totalitarian Nimrod and his "unique religion", according to the Midrash.

But how many are really interested in digging into reality? Isn´t Babylon still more juicy for the masses?

Then I heard another voice from heaven saying:
Come out of her, my people... (Revelation 18:4)

[1] Live version:

Interesting selection of music from Tuva:

[2] Article about Raimon Panikkar´s view:

[3] Researcher Gene D.Matlock also digs up in that direction:,215121,215121#msg-215121

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