Friday, March 3, 2017

Shining on Shadows

It´s not very often recognized the fact everyone´s ego-personality likes hiding from the own shadows, everything "it" hates about him/herself.

Peter Pan didn´t like it either, and spent much of his life living a phantasy, playing with rascals that did not want to grow and get down from the clouds.

To participate in Peter Pan´s syndrome is to be possessed by Pan, the god of those naturally selfish instincts that feed the ego-personality at the expense of the essential thread of Conscience, which is given by the true spiritual Soul or individual Christ/Mashiaj, which must be fully born in our lives–sooner or later, since it´s not enough to remain spiritual embryos and die without becoming living Sons:

unless you are born from Water and Spirit you cannot enter the Kingdom of God (John 3:5)

we have the prophetic word, more fully confirmed to which you will do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining on a dark place, until the day dawns  and the Morning Star rises in your hearts (2 Peter 1:19) 

The Christic Soul is the point of connection with the Infinite Creator and needs to "discover itself" fully in this world of shadows. Is there a better place for that?

Thus the non-recognition of the shadow is basically a run away from the spiritual Soul–which is just an embryo in case one recieved it, and this distance is actually the cause of all anxieties and insecurities.

Curiously, in order to avoid being unmasked and to avoid serving that spiritual Soul, the ego-personality makes up all sorts of camuflages or masks that feed the "false personality".

And nobody escapes its dark influence, not even those supposedly instructed by science, religion and spirituality in general.

One of the great pastimes is what we could call "pretension of sanctity and perfection". The ego-personality feels attracted by everything that feeds it, even by the idea of following rules in order to get enlightened or reach a Celestial Kingdom or make a "better world". Moved by its rigid mindset, it thinks: "if I praise the deity X, bowing before him/her, following his/her commands, I will gain his/her favor and promises"; "if I belog to this or that spiritual organization, I shall get salvation or realization"; "if I follow the principles of science, I´ll be objective and will find the truth", etc, etc.

And the truth is simply that the Ego enjoys the Yoyo (Yo is I, Ego in Spanish). 

For a non domesticated Ego there can only be Yo, yo, and then more yo, yo, yo...I don´t like that; I like this; I love this, I hate that; it´s not my fault, it´s yours; I pray; I meditate; I get enlightened; I´m miserable; I´m a sinner...

And thanks to the Yoyo, cause and effect, all the Ego spits into the world comes back to him/her.

As Jung pointed:

Every unconscious content that is not made conscious, happens outside as Fate...what you resists, persists...what you fear, appears.

The Ego-personality and its experiences are simply a mere shadow, but also an instrument that the Soul uses so that her Light can be revealed. Without the manifestation of darkness, Light would also remain undisclosed, hidden.

It is true that the Ego can be illumined, integrated and then put under the command of the Sacred Individuality of the Soul, as shown by Yeshua, Moshe, Krishna, Sidharta the Buddha  and other members of the Body of the Universal Christ/Mashiaj.

Yet, we don´t come to create personal perfection, since the christic Soul is already a perfect atom of the Universal Soul

Aware of this, the Master said:

Why do you call me good? Nobody is good, but only One, G-d (Mark 10:18) 

 Jesus Christ/Yeshua ha Mashiaj had probably the biggest Ego-Personality of all time, to the point he was taken to the top of a mountain and tempted by that same Evil Ego, who offered him power over all the nations (Matthew 4:8). However, he had it under the command of the Soul, which is filled with the Holy Spirit of the Creator and therefore has no egotistic pretensions.

The Holy Spirit is the comforting presence of the Creator, and manifests as a Loving Intelligece which does not make distinctions between you and me, nor makes judgemente on the good and the bad, since it is like the Sun, shining even on rubbish, dissolving it –something which might be perceived as judgement.

However, being also Conscience, the Holy Spirit feels pain everytime something dark is perceived, and it might even retreat fully from the person if the fault is too big.

And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with which you were sealed for the day of redemption (Ephesians 4:30)

Such Holy Spirit is really what makes us Sons of the Creator. However, we´re still "adopted children" and not Sons of God in its own right, since the Soul is not fully born (Romans 8:14-23)

Even though the Ego does not understand, each Soul is part of the Body of the Universal Son, the Christ/Mashiaj, whose first and most complete incarnation was the reknown Nazarene Master

Now, only when the Soul flourishes fully in each life, each one will be able to see how the task of Christ/Mashiaj is completed.

For that the Soul feels compelled to connect herself to several lives, since our egos are a bit "retarded" and resist to the point of despair. We are too immersed in the drunkeness of our shadows and rarely let the spiritual Soul take the reins.

And in part this is due to the false beliefs and doctrines on the original sin, which generate feelings of fear, guilt and victimism.

Curiosuly, the terms usually translated as "sin" (jet in Hebrew and hamartia in Greek), do not have judging connotations, since these mean "to oppose the Law of Life" and "to miss the mark", as when someone throws the dart out of the target and stings someone´s ass. And is that bad? Well, the ass feels perhaps a badly pain, just as the shitty Ego that is not in service and under command of the Soul.

In reality, Humanity is simply learning how not to follow the path of unnecessary suffering, which is the path of the moron who insists on resisting the Laws of Life– it´s actually the one most of us choose, as if we only learned by being hit like donkeys.

But as it was said:

where failure increased, Grace abounded all the more (Romans 5:20)

My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Shadows are to be embraced and transformed with the Love infused into the Soul by the Creator.

Therefore it is necessary to see that each one of the shadows that make the Ego-Personality hide a divine virtue: where a coward is, there is a latent capacity to endure any situation; where a proud man is, there exist the possibility to empty oneself like the Creator does in concealment; where someone insults or criticizes us, there is a space to listen and feel the emotional fire without reacting, with acceptace and self-acceptance, since all we do, comes back to us.

We can´t love or tolerate others if we don´t accept ourselves first from the Soul, which is filled with the Grace and Perfection gifted by the Common Creator.

Through her, the Creator suffers, endures and transforms our miseries. And so humbly, that He does not even wear a name, and just gives it to his Son, to whom our Souls belong.

So,  are we –adopted– children of the Creator or not? If we are, then it´s meaningless to keep complaining like kids about others –Donald Trump included–, of blaiming devils,  or waitinig for some divine Savior or scientific superhero; taking responsibility for one´s life means to understand our place in the cosmos and our shadows so these can be used consciously and turned into good  fertilizer for Celestial Gardens. Let´s be the cause of our life and not the effect.

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