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Light of The Inner Kosmos

I am the Light of the Kosmos/Olam (John 8:12)

You are the Light of the Kosmos/Olam (Mt 5:14)

The vision changes radically when the Gospels are translated without the deceptive romanized ideas.

In this case, why translate "world" when the text says "kosmou" and the word "mundi" did not exist in the first two centuries?

The term "World" is imprecise and contains the prefix Mun-, which alludes to the Moon, Mond (German), and therefore to the dark astral light that rules the world, giving rise to external religion and politics. Interestingly, the word for "world"
in French is Mond, which is Luna in German.

What a crazy world, isn´t it?

But what else can we be expected when everything is governed by mechanical energies of stars, planets and satellites? Whoever has never behaved as a damn lunatic, let him throw the first stone.

Now, who should command in us, the light of the stars or the deeper Light of Conscience? Do we live with star or exist in tar?

The Ancient Teaching is very clear in this respect.

The term Kosmos was coined by the Pythagoreans in the sixth century BC and does not allude to what we now understand as "world" or physical universe, but to an ordered whole illumined by the Light of Divine Conscience, which transcends the false electromagnetic light of stars and planets, "light of the world," which is only simulation of Light, mere luminous garments of being, not Being itself.

Curiously, that is also one of the meanings of Olam, which in Hebrew refers to the Eternal Reality, the domain of the immortal Universe.

This should not be surprising, since the Gospels were written by Hebrew-speaking authors, as deduced from their strange syntactic composition.

And according to tradition, Abraham understood the unicity of the Olam/Kosmos by aligning his seven energetic centers, ruled by the 7 planets:

Abraham planted a tamarisk in Baar Sheba (Seven Wells) and there he invoked the Name of Eternal Omnireality (Yhwh El Olam) - Genesis 21:33

The same Kabbalistic meaning of Yisrael or Israel is going straight to God, Yashar El, i.e the Most High [El Elyon], transcending the stellar energies that govern the psycho-physical body.

Israel can also be read astrotheologically as Isis-Ra-El, which are the electromagnetic energies of the Moon, the Sun and the planets, especially Saturn, which the Canaanites called El.

That is why in Genesis 32 we read that Jacob, the prototype of the Messiah, was called Israel after he overcame in his struggle with a strange "man", who represents Elohim, the forces of Nature, framed in the Twelve Astral Signs And the Four Creatures or quadrants of the Kosmos which Ezekiel beheld as wheels within wheels.

And Jacob/Israel called
the place of strife, Peniel, because it takes place with the Eye of Consciousness, on the Pineal Gland.

The Sun, the Moon and the planets govern twelve angles of light or angels, the cosmo-psychological principles that must be overcome by means of the reunion and unification/integration, reaching thus the central point, the thirteenth sign, reserved for the Universal Son or Primordial Adam.

13 is the number of Death and Resurrection, whose gematric value is the Hebrew term Ejad, Oneness, like Ahaba, Love, and the Greek word Xristos (1480 = 13).

The numbers 12, 13 and 14 are repeated in numerous traditions, alluding to varying degrees of the scheme of the inner kosmos.

For example, in various mythologies the body of the Divine Son is dismembered, reconstructed and resurrected, like Osiris, who was cut by Set (Satan) into 14 pieces and resurrected as Horus; Dionysus/ Zegreus was dismembered and devoured by the Titans, from whose ashes the present humanity wass born, carrying the heart and remains of Dionysus; likewise, Prometheus was chained after trying to help humanity by giving the fire of intelligence.

All these myths refer to the Fallen Angel, the fallen Adam in Eden, who was broken into the souls of humanity without being able to do anything to raise up, not even by erecting great pyramids and other demonstrations of megalomania.

On the other hand, the Nazarene Master appeared to us as the very incarnation of the Iesou Kristo or Cosmic Man, the true Father of Humanity, whose Divine Name character is the key to liberation and salvation.

He incarnated precisely to recover and redeem those fragments or sparks of his body, gathering and reconciling in himself the whole world in the Kosmos, being the image of the invisible God (Colossians 1), the final purpose of Everything.

We see how the mythological stories refer to different stages of Opus Kosmicum, which begin with the "gathering of the internal egos", to integrate them into the Universal I Am.

Thus, David gathered the twelve (psychological) tribes of Israel and fathered Solomon, the union of the Sun-Consciousness and the Ego-Moon (forces of Imagination).

But it did not happen there, because he was a womanizer, like Salomon, whose temple was destroyed two times.

And Ulysses skewered the twelve false suitors of his wife Penelope with his bow, but that model of the divine hero also failed, because it was too violent.

On the other hand, Iesou Kristo, the Universal Word, proposed to harmonize the Kosmos by unmasking Satan in three ego temptations, gathering the Twelve Apostles and opening thus an interior space, making a self-emptying (Philippians 2), thus imitating the Universal Father, who emptied himself to make room for Creation.

This is reflected geometrically, since the cube or material world has 12 sides and is contained in the space of Being, which makes 13, plus the interior space that would be 14.
The integration of the psycho-astral energies is done in the Body but from the inner space of the Virgin Soul (Neshama), which must be united to her husband, the Spirit of Life (Jayá).

Going into more detail, the Work begins by facing the Alfa Ego or chief feature, pointed by the Solar sign and its lunar ascendant, represented by the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. Once we tackle the main feature, we can proceed to integrate the remaining ten lost tribes of the psyche.

For those interested, the such is the theme in Mark´s Gospel, which goes through the twelve signs.

Furthermore, the 12 aspects of the astral/psychological world are subdivided into 3 deacons each (for body, emotion and mind), giving rise to 36 positive aspects, which together with 36 negative ones make the 72 fragments of the ego, represented by the 72 genii of cabala, the 72 names of God, 72 guests in the banquet where Osiris is betrayed, 72 apostles sent by Jesus Christ, and the Tetragrammaton: 


10 + 15 + 21 + 26 = 72

72 are the psychological angels and demons that each one must face and transcend, joining with the invisible plane where everything is integrated into the Divine Name, YHWH, making the 144 (72+72), the number written on the forehead of those who are part of the Tree of Life, according to the Book of Revelation.
On the contrary, worshipig these energies is to be blinded by them, as it happens in ordinary life and the external dimension of religion and politics, with  the idolatry of fixed rules, idol worship, prostration before statues and leaders, the confusion of the visible and tangible, the Golden Calf.

In ancient times sacred rituals could be more or less illuminating, depending on the understanding.

For instance, the cult of the goddess Isis in Egypt could be either a reminder of the influence of the Moon, which receives all the astral influences and projects them towards the earth, governing the biological cycles, or a cult of dark forces that block Consciousness and Conscience.

Far from being dead, the cult of lunar Isis is as alive as ever, for it is still venerated in old temples and hermitages dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which replaced pagan goddesses with the advent of the Roman religion, as evidenced by the symbols associated with it. They just changed their names.

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the Sun, with the Moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of Twelve Stars (Revelation 12)

For those who appreciate the Mazzarot or Zodiac, the true Virgin alludes to the interior space of the Virgin Conscience where we leave the influence of the Moon, ceasing to be starry lunatics, dwelling in silent serenity, being able to understand the twelve psychological signs/patterns, which must be unified in the Higher Self or Universal Son.

King David was able to reunite the twelve tribes, and even pointed out the last feat:

The Lord [Yhwh] said to my Master [Adony]: Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool (Psalm 110: 1)

He just failed to wait and mock all enemies, beginning with his "selfish emotions." Not by chance David means "beloved", that is to say, "pampered."

Thus, our true enemies are not men or beasts, but astral intelligences, mechanical forces, and systems of distorted ideas that govern society:

For we have no strife against blood and flesh, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 6:12)

Beware therefore the influences of the Astral Empire. It is useless to reject or ignore them. These must be unmasked and used as an engine, for without such a system of opposition there is no possible spiritual evolution. Everything is part of Reality, as the Shema states:

Listen Israel, the Divine Verb-Name [Yhwh Elohim] is a Name of Oneness [Yhwh Ejad] (Deut 6: 4)

And returning to the phrase of the Master:

You are the Light of Kosmos / Olam

He also alludes to Olam HaBa, better known as the World to Come, where everything has been restored to his Original Life and Harmony, after what is known as Tikun Olam or Repair of the World, which we are currently carrying out, illuminating darkness.

In Him was Life, and Life was the Light of men. And the Light in the darkness shines; but the darkness did not comprehend it (John 1: 4-5)

Even so, the true Light of the Kosmos, the Light of the Olam, is present in the light of the world, unifying each element.

O Son of Kunti [Arjuna], I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, the syllable Om in the Vedic mantras, the sound in the ether and the ability in man (Bhagavad Gita 7: 8)
In conclusion, with the true Light we first integrate our fragmented ego-consciousness, then we are united in the Higher Self, the Son, who finally unifies us with the Supreme.

Let us then aspire to live in serene unicity, seeking the Love that eliminates division in spaciousness.

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