Monday, December 1, 2008

Back To Consciousness

The essential task of bringing harmony out of disharmony starts by watching our inner chaos.
Essential is to observe how our mind wanders blindly from one thought to another, from one desire to another, as a bundle of mechanical habits that only scratch the surface of things, getting lost in the world of labels, stereotypes and clichés, even dealing with spiritual ideas.
Even the external world is not really perceived, but felt through the dark screen of our mind. We live asleep and our so called waking life is not very different from our night dreams. Despite we´re meant to be "conscious beings", we live without being really aware of living.
Now, there exits a fundamental quality of awareness known pointed by great masters as an essential step for inner growth. Without it, all the things we do will be just another dream. There´s an expanded consciousness that includes tastes, sounds and other perceptions.
It's not a mechanical process, so it must be cultivated; a task which turns out to be very difficult.
The reason why we find it difficult to be alive is that our ego enjoys spending most of its time in the heads. Thus, all we do and perceive eventually becomes boring, disappointing, repetitive and dead.
Can we use our senses consciously?
The expansion of awareness may lead us to what many traditions call the real Self or Witness , a crystal clear space of undifferentiated consciousness and pure love. Gate to the soul.
It's neither thinking, nor feeling, nor anything we can think about, and yet, Consciousness is the condition of possibility of all things.
The whole cosmos rests within it. Recognizing this is one of the trickiest things, since it´s so evident, subtle and simple that our complicated mind can´t keep up with it.