Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Fundamental Tone Of Being

© Photo by Fernando D. González

There are moments of immense serenity, when everything around and inside is immersed in a deep silence; it reveals itself as a divine call from the depth of ourselves, a fundamental tone of our Soul. Om, I Am.

Its echo can be felt in valleys, deserts, mountains, but also in our natural verbal expressions. C.G.Jung once said that aum or mmmm is the natural vibration Nature does when it's in tune with itself. The teacher of sacred dances G.I.Gurdjieff reported to have listened to it in the Gobi desert.

In his inspiring essay The Search for Awakened Listening David Hykes remarks that the harmony between two notes or vibrations can be made finer through the awareness of the higher fundamental harmonic they share.

This means that every perception, action, emotion and thought can be harmonized and improved by attuning ourselves to the fundamental ground of being.

Unfortunately, we live out of tune and don't let this primordial vibration nurtur the Cosmos through us. Instead, we keep jumping like monkeys from one thought to another, from one perception to another, without tasting this moment, now. Heedlessness keeps us trapped in darkness.

The only way of listening to "I am" is by coming to all our senses. Being aware of the breath, colours, tastes, the sweet songs of the birds, an ache in the back, our eyes watching, our ears getting sound vibrations, the wind blowing, distant voices, the smell of a flower, the sound of the falling rain, a child laughing, the weight of our body, our negative reactions...

The more perceptions we absorb consciously, relaxing mind and body, the closer we get to reality, the better the response we get from the Universe.


In regard to deep listening it´s worth mentioning the work of David Hykes, founder of the Harmonic Presence Foundation and the Harmonic Choir (see our related links) .

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post, I was not familiar with David Hykes, although I'd seen, heard and been influenced by the film Meetings With Remarkable Men.

Music has a 'language component', it creates real information when it connects with the 'sublime' in one's life, and moves that individual forwards, steadily or sporadically. And everyone is touched at some point in every day life with the sublime. We don't understand that about life yet, we have no scale by which real justice and real purpose other than our own versions of morality and values can be measured.

It's not something reserved for a few special individuals but most people do not suspect they are that special to God or more to the point that God needs us to become agents of change in the Great Work that is always intelligently operating and influencing life on this small planet.