Saturday, December 24, 2011

To Be Reborn

Surprising as it may sound, the theme of Christmas always had a very special significance even before Jesus/Yeshua was born. The reason is that it does not point exclusively to the birth of a particular individual, but to the birth in the body of something much more subtle and deeper: the spiritual baby-soul, which can grow up to the stage called Child  of Light, where a higher Father-Mother are acknowledged. 

It's worth remembering the Gopel of John, when Jesus speaks to Nicodemus:

"Verily, verily I say unto thee that unless you be born of Water and of Spirit, you shall not enter the Kingdom of God".

And unless you become like little children, you shall not enter....

The meaning of these words is something to discovered within, not outside. 

The search can only be guided by a Loving Consciousness that was expressed with archetypes such as the Buddha Mind or the Holy Spirit, which is the reconciled union of the Mother Light Soul and the Father Will and Intelligence, the fecunding principle.

In Antiquity, those who were at least able to be consciously born out of the Holy Spirit used to be called Christians and little Buddhas. They were very prepared and respectful men and women, humans as we rarely see in these days. 

Now, the ultimate and natural birthright of the human being is not only to be born as a Son of the Spiritual Mother-Father but to reach the level of Christ/Massiah, that is, the Perfect Man, who is not only able to access at will the heavenly realms of the Mother Light (aim of Buddhist and Sufi paths), but also has access to the Absolute Heaven of the Father, as Yahshua ha Massiah (i.e Jesus the Christ) was able to accomplish.

But how many are even willing to submit to the higher Will and be prepared to follow the source of true Love Compassion?

Given the conditioning, many think this is far from ordinary beings. But the light of Consciousness is always available for everyone, not just "soul-embryos".

So, it´s just a question of choice, of wanting to see how one gets trapped in blind desires, aversions, delusions, and find the other Way. That is already a  promise of future births.

What keeps the Light from shinning through us?

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