Saturday, December 17, 2011

How Can We Keep From Listening...?

From all the "middle way" or "non dual" teachings we learn that every aspect of life is but an expression of Truth; even our states of unbalance can guide our steps, always provided the right alignment and listening take place at the precise moment.

In this sense, it's enriching to wonder why mystic shamans like the ancient Orphics, Pythagoras or Rumi stressed so much the importance of living in accord to an "inner song". 

Famous are the stories about Orpheus, who crossed the underworld with the help of his magical song; or the mythic references to "the language of the birds", which may be whispered by everything, at any moment, anywhere.

What does all that mean?

Humans are also taught that whether we know it or not, we were born for a sacred purpose, with a set of experiences to learn from. So, it seems vital to find our inner aims and live in accord with them.

A pertinent accompaniment for these reflections is perhaps an old song, whose title, How Can I Keep From Singing?, can be a bit bewildering, like the heading of this post, since these questions have a rhetorical sense that encourages us to open our mind and heart. Something else to ponder on.

The music of that song was composed by Robert Lowry in the nineteenth century, as melody for an old hymn, later adapted by the folk singer Pete Seeger and other artists.

Above we have a new version.

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queridia said...

How lovely! The voice and instrument blended sometimes, reminding me of The sound produced in Meetings With Remarkable Men when the hills sang back to the singer, a very unusual sound. I didn't know the history of the song.