Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Nature of the Mind

A story tells that Siddharta the Buddha was once walking across Nature with his close disciple Govinda, and then he asked:
–Would you please take this bowl and fill it with water from the stream we left behind a while ago.
–Of course, master. I´ll bring the water for you.
Govinda then goes to the stream and just when he's kneeling down to pick  up the water, a man crosses the stream with his oxen and the water gets mudded. 
The disciple, disappointed, goes back to the Buddha.
–Sorry, but the water is now mudded.
–I see –said the Buddha thoughtful, and knowing the stream was connected to a large lake behind the mountains, he adds, with an insistent tone:
–But Govinda, I´m very thirsty. So, please, go back to the stream and try to get clean water.
Govinda obeyed willingly, although confused about his master's insistence. 
When he arrived, the water of the stream was still dark. So, he just sat on the shore and waited wondering about a possible solution. Then, as he was observing the stream attentively, he started noticing how the water became clearer and clearer, since all the sediments and leaves sank back again to the bottom.
This realization generated an "illumination" in Govinda's heart, who understood the lesson of the Buddha, and remembered what the master once had said:
"The Nature of the Mind is always present, pure and crystalline, but its surface gets mudded with thoughts and emotions from time to time, until these dissipate again".

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