Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why is a crisis necessary?

No living being in existence, therefore, will be able to experience anything without having experienced its opposite beforehand. (LB 1, 35)

If it were not for pain, no individual would be sustained in an eternal existence; no living being would ever be brought back from the wrong road, but would continue on it, which again would be the same as an eternal silence, for without pain, no contrast to life, and without contrast, no manifestation, no roads towards perfection, no evolution, no experience of existence, but a universal equilibrium preventing any form of movement. An eternal death would be the master of life. But thanks to pain, the opposite is a fact. Life is the master of death, and pain, a divine blessing. Pain shows the way to God, to Truth and to Life. (LB 1, 86)

This "struggle for existence", or this ever-lasting effort by the individual to overcome and control unpleasant forms of energy in nature, is recognized under the concept of "evolution". (LB 1, 5)

When will no more veils surround the truth?
And here the answer will be:
"When the individuals' sense perception is so far davanced in its development that they are capable of experiencing as a realistic fact that `everything is very good´". (LB 1, 28)

People will then discover that much of what they previously thought the work of the Devil was, in fact, the work of God. (LB 1, 26)

These are excerpts from The Third TestamentLivets Bog 1, the magnum opus of a rather unknown Danish visionary called Martinus (1890-1981). They are availabe for free in  several languages at

He was one of the few who became aware of the global crisis when nobody talked about it, being a process that started to take place decades ago and not recently, as some may believe. 

The world is in crisis because we, single persons, are in crisis, not only economically, but psychologically and spiritually. The states of unrest, discomfort, confusion and even certain diseases, are a "taste of non aligment with ourselves, our source, the Truth". 

This is how we are invited to look for the way back and wonder: what does it mean to be aligned with ourselves and the Kosmos?  how can we be aligned?

Such is the essence of our search in life, where the negative side also plays a divine role. 

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