Friday, July 31, 2015

Original Lord´s Prayer – Part VI

Once established the reflections on the Lord´s Prayer, digging into its Hebrew and Aramaic roots from the Greek translation, it could be recited as follows:

Our Father who dwells in the Love-Spirit and Mother Waters omnipresent

Hallowed be thy Name: I am, shall be Abba

May thy Kingdom-Sovereignty come
[and guide us, for we can´t go into it]

May thy Will be done on Earth as it is conceived in the Heavens 

Give us today the coming Wisdom [Jokmah] bread

Forgive our debts in so far as we forgive our debtors, who offend us

Dot not let us fall in the trials and strife
[to avoid generate attachments and celestial severity]

So deliver us from pride, resentment, anger, envy, fear...

For thine is the Kingdom, Power and Manifested Worlds 

Amen, [So it is, So it shall be]

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