Monday, July 20, 2015

Original Lord´s Prayer – Part V

For thine is the Kingdom (Malkut), the Power (Geburah) and the Glory (Hod), For Ever and Ever, Amen

We cannot deny there is a link between this statement attributed to Yeshua and another famous Kabbalistic formula contained in the Old Testament:

Thine, Oh YHUH (Totality) is the Greatness (Gedulah), and the Power (Geburah), and the Beauty (Tiferet), and the Victory (Netzach), and the Majesty (Hod): for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the Kingdom (Malkut), O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all 1 Chronicles 29:11 

Since Greatness (Gedulah) is also known as Goodness (Jesed), we can see this Biblical passage as a perfect reflection of the last seven spheres of the Tree of Life, which was mirrored by the Menorah of the Temple and also partially described at the beginning of the Book of Revelation, which refers to six candlesticks surrounding one in the middle (Tiferet)–in case anyone still doubts that the Nazarene teaching was Hebrew, or proto-kabbalistic in nature.

The formula appears with the following Greek terms: thine is the Kingdom [he Basileia], the Power [he Dynamis] and the Glory [he Doxa]. 

Curiosuly, the term used for Glory is Doxa, and doxa is the manifested world, the world of opinions –Plato would say. 

Precisely, in Hebrew Hod is the manifested world of thought and appearances in which science looks for truths without finding many.

Thus, the formula comes to say that the Eternal Beloved is Lord over all Kingdom, Power and Appearances. 

As for the the Glory (Kavod) of the Father and the Christ-Tiferet are invisible to the world of the senses.

With regard to Amen, it comes from the Hebrew Amn and means so be it (Num 5:22, Deut 27:15 ...). If we add a hei at the end we get the word amnh; emunah= faith, loyalty, persistence.

Amen indicates that the infallibility of reality is understood and one is therefore confident that the prayer will work, for it cannot be otherwise. Faith moves mountains and Lord´s help is always at  disposal for inner work.

There is still much to discover, since neither Christianity nor Judaism in general did ever understand their origins, what led to the degeneration of both religions. 

Gentile or infidel is he who does not sacrifice the inner beasts, and obviously, the situation of the world in terms of "religion conflict" shows the heart of "man" is still infidel, savage, untamed, gentile.

This prayer of Yeshua is precisely designed to prepare the mind and heart for such a task of transformation, which leads to Homo Human. A religion which does not heal the heart is simply destructive ideological fantasy, not religion at all, for religion comes from re-ligare, to re-unite what was previously united and broke off.

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